Komet (fka Tate)

Posted: Tue, 2017-02-28 00:00

Hi. This is John Grgurich. My wife, son, and I recently adopted Tate. He's working out beautifully, and his foster, Nancy Stett, was a big help in the process.

I've already communicated how well Tate, now Komet, is doing with us, but I also wanted to pass along a pic and a video of the lad to you; I know MAGSR likes to post these kinds of things on its site.
Cheers, and thanks again for all you do. Komet is a good lad, and we're happy to have him.
p.s., The pic is my son Jack, with Komet and Floss our Border Collie mix, in the back of my wife's car.
Jack, Floss, & Komet