Posted: Mon, 2021-06-07 00:00

Kumba (known as Myna at the time of adoption - MAGSR Tag #: 6941) has been adapting well to our family. She loves morning and afternoon walks as well as play sessions with us and with dog friends in the neighborhood. She has met our friends and family and loves seeing them. She has also made two really good dog friends and loves running and playing with them, at least once a week. Kumba recently graduated from basic obedience training as the top dog of her class (scored 148/160 in final exam). We have to say Brandy did an amazing job while she took care of Kumba before we adopted her so foundations of commands were already strong --  Thank YOU, Brandy!! This week she’ll be starting a basic course for agility. We’ll keep you posted too!

Kumba already loves going camping and loves running on the beach, though she is not too happy getting too close to the water 😉 Our family loves Kumba and are very grateful for MAGSR trusting us with the adoption. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!