Macklee (fka Francis)

Posted: Sun, 2019-03-31 00:00


So after one month of Macklee becoming apart of our family, she is really showing us who she is! She is totally house broken, follows and takes cues from her big fur brothers. In the mornings while I get ready for work, she likes to play with her toys. She goes to her "bed" when she is scared or just to take a break.

She has been working with her trainer for 2 weeks now and is really making progress. She is happiest when there is only her human mom and dad and her fur brothers, but she is curious and getting better about checking out her human siblings when they visit. She met her first baby last weekend. He was as curious about her as she was about him. They seemed to really like each other and she showed us that she is gentle with little ones. Every evening she lays on my lap and rests awhile. She's my lap dog. She is sassy and stubborn at times, but she is getting there!

All in all she is making progress and we love her. She has a way to go, but we are going to do everything it takes to make sure she is a happy, loved, and safe.