Monroe (fka Vala)

Posted: Mon, 2019-03-11 00:00

It’s been just over a week since we welcomed this sweet, playful pup home.  At first, we were all a little unsure how it would unfold, but with structure, training and lots of love, it’s all coming along nicely. 

She’s a very playful, curious and smart girl who’s taken to our adventurous walks in between house, crate and general training. She’s been doing very well doing her business outside on command, and it’s something we will continue to work on. We’re training on a daily basis to ensure Monroe is a polite and responsive pup! 

Monroe’s shows she is enjoying her new home life surrounded by her family - a fur-brother (Cadence the miniature dachshund), and a little human who showered her with hugs, rubs, kisses and treats....lots and lots of rewards for good behavior! 

Overall, she’s adjusting very well and we continue to train her to help her be the best she can be!