Recon (fka Jeremy)

Posted: Sat, 2020-02-01 00:00

Recon with his new bandana and then Recon chilling out with his "girlfriend" Leah.  He and Leah are very attached to each other.  So much so that my housemates decided they are going to leave Leah here with me and Recon when they retire so they don't miss each other.  They play tag, chase, etc.

Recon is doing great.  I kept telling my housemates what to expect as they'd never had a GSD before.  He's very clever and likes to entertain.  The homeowner and his wife allowed me to adopt as long as the homeowner was good with whichever dog as he'd had a very bad experience with big dogs when younger.  Recon won him over and he takes Recon for walks, give him treats and even had Recon's head in his lap while reading.

We found the perfect fit and couldn't be happier.