Posted: Mon, 2022-04-25 00:00

I wanted to give an update on Thor. For those that knew him. He was animal aggressive and needed to be placed with the right family. Well I tell you what the right family came at the right time. 

From that first walk I did with him at the shelter, where he sat and looked up to me and said you are the one. he has been so loyal to me and my family. He has seen our family expand and helped us pick out our new house. 

What will amaze you all now is how gentle and loving he really can be. Some will be amazed to hear how great of a big brother he is. In February we got a German shepherd puppy. From the first time he laid eyes on her. He was willing to protect her. When she cried he would come a running check on her like a dad. When she goes potty, he has to go with her to keep an eye out for her. He plays so gentle with her. He corrects her when she needs it just like a dad would do. Everyone that knows him is shocked with the way he is with her. What is most shocking is how he lets her come up to him and try and take the ball from his mouth.