Posted: Mon, 2019-09-23 00:00

I was interested in rescuing a GSD and started following MAGSR. I became intrigued with the pups they rescued from Georgia and kept following their stories. I decided I wanted to make a difference in one of their lives, so we went to two "meet and greets" I loved all of the pups that were there. On Easter we adopted Tilly!
MAGSR had provided her with so much love and patience, now it was our turn. Tilly is skittish, but has come a long way, she is earning our trust, she loves her crate and that is her safe place. She was already great with household noises like tv, phone, vacuum, fans, coo-coo clock and our cats.   She does well with other dogs and loves to go on walks. Tilly had to master laying on a dog bed and getting in and out of a car, we had to pick her up to put her in, she is now a pro!  We started out slow going to PetSmart and Lowes, now we drive to the beach, she gets excited when I start packing, she gets carsick most of the time, but she's getting better. Tilly is scared of some people and my sons, we are working on that by having my sons feed her dinner meal and dropping treats. When Tilly first came into our lives she was attached to me the majority of the time so she wouldn't hide in the corner or pace back and forth.
We keep in touch with her foster family and a special FB page just for these wonderful Georgia pups, that has helped me out tremendously when I had questions and to see all the other pups progress. Tilly has successfully completed Basic Obedience 1 training and we are starting Basic Obedience 2.  She is so smart and learns new commands or things in general quickly. We now have her off leash in the house and backyard. She is never outside by herself, she actually prefers to be inside.
Tilly's next goal is to learn to play with toys and other dogs.
I am so happy that we made the decision to make a difference in her life, to give her lots of love and patience so she can have a wonderful life! I love her so much! It's such a great feeling too!
If you have love and patience please consider adopting one of the remaining GA38STRONG pups.