Date of Death: 

February 5, 2021

It is with enormous sadness that we are letting you know about the passing of our beloved dog Argo, fka Jenner. We met Argo at MAGSR in 2014, and instantly fell in love with him. He was approximately five years old at the time. Our boy incarnated all the wonderful qualities for which German Shepherds are known, he was a strong, loving, loyal, devoted, intelligent, friendly, sweet and sometimes silly companion. He was great with people, dogs, cats, he adored children and he loved greeting everyone at the door, his tail was always wagging. He had a huge appetite for food, for cuddles, and for life in general. He loved treats, and just seeing the treat cabinet being opened would turn him into a puppy. Then, he would stare at treats without blinking, still as a statue, the only movement visible on his face would be a thin stream of drool from the corner of his mouth, his focus was incredible. He loved playing with us, while making funny noises.  He loved rolling on the grass on a sunny day, playing with his MAGSR brother, Lupo (fka Santino), fetching the ball, and chasing deer in our backyard, while accompanying his excitement with a funny sound that we called “the German Shepherd cry”. For a period we moved to California, and he loved to run free on dog beaches. Then we moved back to Maryland, and he loved snowy days, diving in the snow and eating it. Then we had children, and he welcomed them as he had always known them. He became a loving, sweet, patient, furry big brother to them. He was perfectly content in any surroundings, a happy, easy-going, gentle giant. He loved to find treats hidden around the house, and he loved to enjoy them while being praised for being an incredibly good boy. We had him for seven wonderful, fun, love-filled years. Unfortunately in November 2020, our vet found a mass in his abdomen, and after his spleen was removed, he was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. Although during the next two months, despite being very ill, he was doing well and enjoyed every day with excitement, on February 5th, he developed bloat, and because of his age, and the aggressive cancer, we had to make the painful decision of having him euthanized. He had an enormous presence, was a huge part of our family and our home is just not the same without him. We miss him every moment of the day, he was constantly by our side and shared every moment with us. Every little thing we do now reminds us of our sweet Argo. We hope that during these years we made him as happy as he made us, he was the perfect dog, and we loved him, still love him and will always love him so much. He will always be our four-legged child, our Argo, our good boy.


Thank you MAGSR for rescuing our wonderful Argo and for letting us be his family, we are very grateful for this, and for all that you do for these amazing dogs.


Romina and Sean