Date of Birth: 

August, 2022

Date of Death: 

August 15, 2022

 Our great and well-loved dog, Bolton, crossed the  Rainbow Bridge  this afternoon.  He will be greatly missed.

He was 2 when we adopted him in 2012 from the Mid-Atlantic German Shepard Rescue group and he was a loyal, smart, obedient and protective companion.  We spent many days and hours with a profession trainer to help direct Bolton’s energy and curiosity and it was worth the effort to enjoy his playful personality.

He was well-known in our small community because he would some times escape the house and cruise the neighborhood out of curiosity.   All the kids recognized him and and when I showed up in my SUV they’d just point and say, “He went that way.”  Luckily he was well trained enough that when he saw me he’d come running and happily jump in the back of the car, so proud of his escape but happy to be with his dad again.

Trips to the dog park were always a treat because his guard-dog genes would kick in and the first thing he’d do is inspect the perimeter fence, all 15 acres.  He was also the self-appointed sheriff. If two dogs squabbled he’d immediately run up to them and walk between them as if the say, “Alright, guys calm done.”  Then he’d walk away as the “combatants” also left.

A couple of years ago he began suffering from hip dysplasia ( common on large dogs) and arthritis and long walks and trips to the dog park were no longer possible.  None the less, he was ALWAYS ready to walk to the mail box for the morning paper followed by a short walk down the street and back.

From the waist forward he was 100 percent pure dog, but his rear legs wouldn’t always cooperate.

The life span of a GSD is 13 years, and our dear furry friend almost made it.

He will be missed terribly as we get accustomed to his absence, his happy welcoming when we returned from errands, and his demands for his 8:30 pm treat before bed time.

Good bye to the “bestest” dog — ever.