Date of Death: 

October 4, 2021

I am sad to be writing this email to you today.  Camden fell ill this week and passed away on Sunday morning.  I wanted to thank Ed for introducing Camden to me on an early Sunday morning.  He started out as a foster and then became our pup with the help of Candi.  Camden loved Candi when at the kennel.  Once Camden recovered from Heartworm treatments he settled into our family.  I honestly do not know what we did to deserve such a wonderful dog.  Camden was patient with foster dogs (most of them) and with the craziness in our household.  The past two years have been challenging with losing parents and grandparents.  I feel that he helped our family survive through this difficult and challenging time.  Losing a dog is very hard but the time with them will always be cherished.  I will miss our early morning walks, him going to work with mommy in the office, spending time walking the yard, and waiting for the kids to finish swim team practice.

I attached a photo of Camden at the beach and this is how I will remember him. Watching the ghost crabs and the sunrise at the beach.  Reminding me that tomorrow is going to be a great day and to take advantage of the time we have with family and fur companions.