Date of Death: 

December 9, 2019

We are very sad to tell you that our dear sweet boy Dega who we rescued in 2011 has passed away. We are heartbroken. We had lost our previous german shepherd of 14 years in 2011,  and we made the decision to rescue a dog in her honor. 

We met Dega in April of 2011 after my husband saw him on your website. He was stunning, all black with golden eyes. I cannot tell you how many compliments he received over the 8 years we had him.

 Dega was ball driven from day one that we met him. My husband would throw him the ball sometimes 30 times a day in every weather condition you can imagine. Dega never got tired of fetching and bringing the ball back. We also realized we couldn’t take him to my son’s baseball games because the urge to run out on the field and chase the baseball was just too great for him. 

Another thing Dega was famous for was his howling at the sirens. He would stop whatever he was doing and stand tall and howl. He almost looked like a wolf. Living near a firehouse you can imagine how many times a day this would happen and even in the middle of the night. We were woken many times by his “ singing” but we didn’t mind at all. 

Dega loved going to the beach too. Every year we would take him to the Outer Banks. We would walk him for miles on that beach and he loved it. Again, everyone who saw him there would say how beautiful he was. People were just drawn to his beauty and strength. 

Dega was our beach dog, snow dog, and a best friend to my husband. He would follow him around the yard whenever they were outside. He did not need a leash to be outside. He would sit and watch my husband wash his car or walk around while he was mowing the grass. They were inseparable. 

Dega was a good protector for my children as well. They were older when we got him, 16 and 12 but he bonded with them from the beginning. It was like he was meant for our family. When they say “ who rescued who” that is completely true. Dega came into our lives when we needed him and we will forever be grateful for him. He will be missed more than you will ever know. Thank you MAGSR for this incredible boy who has appeared on your Holiday card and calendar and changed our lives forever.