Date of Death: 

July 24, 2018

She had a slight foot drag when we adopted her. The foster said she had it when he got her. We had her genetic testing done and her bloodline showed a high potential for degenerative myopathy. With that being said, she lost function in that original leg in about 6 months. Then the other within the year. We used a doggie wheelchair as long as we could but the condition was so progressive it was hard to watch her be in pain. We did a few consults and were directed by each to provide palliative as long as she could tolerate, but inevitably we had too.

She was without question a beautiful dog, I’m not sure if you remember but I fought hard to just meet her, fell instantly in love as she accepted us mutually as fast. She had a really broken past before us, including the “not to be around young kids” status. All that was proven to be wrong as she was most likely in the beginning stages and she was protecting her pain. She was absolutely a wonderful companion, it hurts to only have a had her for a short while, but I’m glad it was my family that was able to provide and care for her to the end. 

We still love her.

Jason R Turner