Date of Death: 

May 13, 2017

It is with great sadness and heartache, that we send this notice of our Sweet Gusty “Gus” passing over the rainbow bridge.  My husband and I adopted Gus and his sister Hailey in 2006, after losing my first Shepherd.  Gus went to bed Thursday May 10th and when we woke that next morning, Gus was paralyzed from his mid spine back.  The vet told us that many German Shepherd’s can get an autoimmune disease that affects their spinal cord at his yearly appointment a few months prior but never thought it would happen so quickly.  My husband and I are completely heart broken over his passing, not to mention his sister has been pretty depressed.  I cannot thank MAGSR enough for rescuing these pups and giving us the opportunity to make them a part of our family.  Both Gus and Hailey have the best temperament for any dog let alone a Shepherd.  Gus will forever be in our hearts…………


Joseph and Kristina Dillon, North Beach Maryland