Date of Death: 

December 12, 2018

Our beloved dog, Jambalaya (fka Phaedra), passed away last week.  We adopted her from MAGSR in April, 2008.  Jambalaya shared many fun adventures with us.  She lived and played all over the country, from the California redwoods, the bayous of Louisiana, the hill country in southern Texas, and of course, to the mid-Atlantic region.  Jambalaya was truly the most empathetic dog I have ever met.  She was a steady companion and friend of our children when a parent had to be deployed overseas.  We used to joke that she acted more like a cat than a dog in that she was always looking for the closest sunbeam for a nap.  She lived for snuggles.

Over the past nine months, Jambalaya made many visits to the vet for various issues.  Finally, despite being tempted with steaks, Jambalaya refused almost all food and lost much of her body weight.  She was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  We said our good-byes on December 12.  She was such a sweet girl.