Date of Death: 

December 16, 2022

Our dog Jedi, whom we adopted from MAGSR in 2016, ran free over the Rainbow Bridge on December 16, 2022 after not enough years as a beloved member of our family.

Jedi is loved in continuum by Valerie, Graeme, Ryleigh, and Todd who were blessed to have found a furry companion so loyal, loving, and playful until the last calling. We surrounded him as he passed over and never imagined being so in love with a beast both ferocious and cuddly.

Jedi loved his ball playing more than anything and had to be outside to supervise all grass mowing activities involving the riding mower.  His daily treat regime evolved from showing off his paw control to racing Ryleigh to the couch and barking/yipping while sliding through the twisting route from kitchen to living room. Jedi often overpowered Graeme in frequent games of rope pull but I think both let the other win an equal amount of time without admitting to any purposeful losses.

Jedi loved the creek and hated baths, he was a weirdo from start to finish.  Use the garden hose fill up his water bowl, or just say water in general and he would disappear. Mention the creek or start hiking through the woods and he would be in the water, over his head, trying to drag logs off the bottom before you could call him back. I'm not sure Jedi understood the creek is made of water, the same water he was so careful to avoid in any other circumstance, he didn't always utilize his rational brain.  He did learn how to unlock, and open, the sliding basement door so we are not entirely sure if he was a savant or simply a screwball. We are leaning savant as he learned how to spell the words we couldn't say without an excited reaction.

We still can't believe he's not lying in wait for us to get out of bed, come back from an errand, or monitoring the four of us from a central position. We miss the clack of his nails on the floor, the pilling of GSD fur in all corners, under every piece of furniture, and winding up in every drink or dish prepared.

None of us were ready for him to go but with two torn/bad knees and a late-stage cancer diagnosis we did everything we could to keep him at home with us from hand feeding to carrying him up the stairs when he couldn't get enough momentum to hop all the way up. 

Jedi was the heart of our house and the void without him is longingly painful. Jedi was our everything, we love him endlessly and are thankful for the circumstances that brought him to us and angry for the circumstances that took him away.

We are forever richer for having loved Jedi, and we know he is still with us, watching over us, forever our companion.

Todd & Valerie Harshman