Date of Death: 

December 23, 2021


I wanted to write and let you know of Kobe’s passing on December 23, 2021 due to a brain tumor.    When we adopted Kobe from MAGSR, his name was Kent, but we renamed him on our first day home seven years ago.  Kobe lit up our lives and completed our family.  He was the picture of health and full of energy up until about a week and a half before his death when he started showing symptoms of vestibular disease.  Both his vet, and then the neurology specialist we took Kobe to see, treated him with antibiotics for a middle ear infection, but Kobe’s decline was so rapid and so extreme that we took him to emergency critical care.  An MRI revealed the aggressive brain tumor which took him from us later that night.

Kobe was the mayor of our neighborhood.  My family and I enjoyed long walks with Kobe, and he easily trekked 3-4 miles each day, between the walks my husband, my two boys and I took with him separately.  Young children would come running to him as we passed their houses, yelling, “Kobe, it’s Kobe!”  They would hug him and kiss him, and he was the gentlest giant with everyone who touched him.  Kobe loved to play with other dogs too, and other dog owners would drop by so their furry friends could play inside our fence with him.

We are heartbroken to have lost Kobe, and I will be forever grateful to the kind and loving people at MAGSR who introduced Kobe to our family in November, 2014.  I have attached a picture from last winter of our beautiful boy.

Thank you, MAGSR, for the wonderful and very important work you do.

The Harper Family

Kobe will be forever missed