Date of Death: 

June 27, 2017

Hi there. We adopted Kyla from you all back in 2001. She crossed over yesterday evening. She had a beautiful life. When we got her, all we knew was she had been left in an outdoor pen in all her own mess. I believe she may have been one or two years old when we got her but her age was not for sure. Kyla had the sweetest disposition and not a mean bone in her body (except for the UPS man/truck when she was younger). She was our family dog but she was mine or better yet, I was hers lol.  Where ever I was, she was. She also loved her dad when he came home from work. She used to bring him toys shaking them in her mouth to him. My friend's dog had to teach Kyla how to play with toys when we first got her because she had no clue. As for our girls, she used to wait for them to come home from school at the door.

Kyla really blossomed about a year after we had her. She had always been skittish and definitely afraid of any other man (other than her dad). I brought home a kitten. His name is Shadow.  She took this kitten and treated it like it was her own puppy. Even up until she passed, they had a special bond. We have two other cats as well. Well, last night, Shadow came onto our bed, went over to my husband's side, stood there for a minute looking at the floor where she would lay. He jumped down, sniffed around and jumped back up on the bed. I fully believe he knows. As for the other two cats...they seem oblivious.

Before we were leaving yesterday evening to take her to the vets, I went out onto our deck (which is enclosed in plastic except for ventilation holes on the sides). On the deck was a butterfly (same coloring as Kyla). I released the butterfly off the deck. This morning, the same butterfly was in the yard. I don't think that sign can get any more clear. She is going to be missed terribly. But she had a wonderful life. We may adopt again one day, but not anytime soon. She was a special girl. Thank you for allowing us the pleasure to have her in our lives.

The first two pics are when we first got her. The next pic is in later years. Then the butterfly pics are from last night and this morning.

Michele Reese