Date of Death: 

November 12, 2022

 I wanted to share our story of adopting our dog Lucy from MAGSR over 15 years ago.  She was one of 13 puppies and mom that were found in the side of the road. Lucy was being fostered at a home in Dundalk, she was 3 months old when we met and adopted her. MAGSR named her Flyer. We knew immediately that we wanted her to be a part of our family. Lucy was born the same year, 2006, as our 16 year old grandson.  Our younger grandchildren have not known life without Lucy being a part of it. Lucy just passed away on November 12 just short of her 16th birthday.  She was the sweetest girl who was a cherished member of our family and her passing had left a hole in our hearts.

We are heartbroken, but happy that Lucy lived such a long, good life full of love. 

Thank you,
Robin Evers