Date of Death: 

September 12, 2018

Little Miss Luna was put to rest this evening with her wonderful adopters. They rushed her to the vet yesterday after what seemed like strokes. They determined she may have swelling in the brain. I received and email from her adopter this evening

It is sad and unfortunate that due to the prognosis, we have decided to lay Luna to rest.

After further speaking w/ both neurologists as well as the ER doctor that cared for her, it seemed like the best alternative for her. The ER vet came upstairs to the Neurologist's office to remove her IV and was in tears about the situation. Seeing such a sweet young girl go through what we experienced last night was tough on everybody. Luna touched not only our hearts, but all hearts for who she met. Our house speaks of Luna. Her toys scattered around the house. Her bed besides our couch for our evening TV / Nap time. The lost sounds of her prancing around the house. I know this may be odd or weird for a lot of people, but this was her home, even for the short time she was with us. She was instantly a part of the family. The cats had even warmed up to her and had all 5 of us sleeping in the same room.

So I hope this goes without saying, this decision was not done lightly. Also please know that her last moments were with me. Laying together at the doctors office. The nurses (vet techs) saw our bond. The doctors cried for us.

While we are not discouraged about adopting another German Shepherd, we are going to take the time and let this sad situation heal in our hearts and in our minds. As we discussed, we are not looking for any preferential treatment when the comes to adopt another. You guys have your mission to help those animals in need, and I refuse to take away from that. So I hope this message finds you well and know that our sweet little girl is not longer hurting, confused, or going through life disorientated. She's in heaven w/ God. Before she left this earth, I asked her to look up our previous dogs and prayed for our past dogs to look after this little girl.

I know this is emotional - but 1) wanted to let you know the truth as well as 2) show how much she meant to us in our short time together. I can only hope that we gave her as much joy as she did us.

Have a great evening, and when the time comes, we'll be in contact regarding the rescue of another German Shepherd.

Robert Adkins

Luna.  Run free, sweet girl.
Luna.  Run free, sweet girl.
Luna.  Run free, sweet girl.
Luna.  Run free, sweet girl.