Date of Birth: 

April, 2004

Date of Death: 

June 21, 2017

We are heartbroken to report the passing of our beloved GSD Piper over the bridge. She came to us via MAGSR back in 2004 when we still lived in Maryland. Twelve years ago we took a chance and welcomed this young, undisciplined puppy into our lives. She was a Tasmanian devil of cartoon fame (for which she earned the nick name 'Hyper Piper') and she never ceased to amaze us with her boundless energy or her ability to try our patience. To put it bluntly, she fit right into our household. And yet, what she lacked in discipline she more than made up for in the undying love and affection she gave us these last 12 years. It was a love that knew no boundaries and an affection that was as infinite as her beautiful and gentle soul. When she wasn't begging to catch frisbies, tossing her bed around, or making a run for a quick swim in the pond, she would thrust herself into our presence as a way of saying “Pay attention to me!” And when she got that attention, like any dog with a bone, she held on to it until SHE decided it was time to stop, always with a trademark "harumpf". 

Our house and home will seem a bit larger now without her incredible love that so greatly filled it. 

She is gone now beyond the vale to play with her pack brother Baxter, but her love and spirit will never be far from our hearts.

Many thanks to Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue all those years ago for allowing us to share in her life and love