Date of Death: 

September 9, 2018

My beloved Prince crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 9. I had the amazing fortune of adopting him (then "Oliver") from MAGSR ten years ago, almost to the day when he passed away.  I am deeply grateful to them from bringing him into our lives in 2008.  Prince was 11 years old and suffering from a variety of ailments, some of which were painful. He was suffering more than he was living, so we made the decision to use a very humane and gentle in-home euthanasia service.   My wife and I hugged my bestest buddy in his favorite spot at home as he drew his last breaths.  

I will never forget my Big Puppy, the decade I had with him, nor any of his loves in life. He loved me fiercely and protectively, he loved my wife, my son and just about anyone who would give him a tummy rubby, a squeaky toy or a stick. He loved to give sloppy kisses, especially when he knew that something was wrong. He gave me and my wife big kisses as we wept over him on his last day. He could not stand for us to be sad.  Prince the Wonder Dog loved to sleep next to me, go running, exploring, chasing deer, walking through the West Virginia woods, digging up rocks and go swimming in the Cacapon River. Early in the morning was never too early for him, and when he would wake me up at 4:00 am with his big, brown eyes and a "CAN WE GO OUTSIDE NOW??" look, I could never say no. My children really don't remember a time when he was not part of our lives.

You, Big Puppy, are no longer on watch as our instinctive guardian. You are now our guardian angel. It’s your time to rest, sweet boy. We love you beyond words and cannot adequately thank you for the immeasurable love you shown upon those who loved you.  We miss you so much.