Date of Birth: 

October, 2010

Date of Death: 

August 18, 2019

I am very sad to inform you that my beloved dog Sammy left my side on August 18, 2019. I adopted him from MAGSR in October of 2010. He had just arrived at the kennel that very day. You named him Samson because he was so incredibly strong. Sammy was the light of my life and he brought me so much joy. He died from hemangiosarcoma. Know that I did everything medically to assist him. Today rather than speak of his illness I prefer to tell you the first of many of his stories. I came to your kennel that day in October 2019 thinking I might find a friend or maybe a dog that needs to be fostered. Anyway I went through every dog you had in the kennel and none seemed to be “the one”. The person showing us the dogs stated there was one more dog that just arrived and did I want to see him. I said no but my niece said yes so the person helping us ran off to get the new dog the last one to see.

Out comes a large beautiful black and red German Shepherd just like my last two dogs. I walked him around the grass area through the trees checking him out. I tested him to see if he would follow my lead and he did. The woman came back and asked me if I wanted to adopt him and I said no but my niece said yes. Then the woman asked if I would like her to put him in the kennel down the hill to see again later. I said no but my niece said yes. So she put him down the hill in the outside kennel for us. As the end of the day approached, the woman came back and asked if we wanted to see Sammy again I said no but my niece said yes and off she went to get the dog. My niece is an animal person and knew me and my past dogs very well. She knew something I didn’t that day but Sammy made the decision on his own. I walked him around again with all the other people watching. They were ready to make a run for him as soon as I gave him back. He would not have lasted the rest of the day at the kennel.

As I was walking him, he abruptly came to a stop and stared hard into my eyes then turned his head and stared into my niece’s eyes. After staring at us for quite a while he pulled me across the grass area toward the kennel so I let him lead me curious about why. He then made a sharp right turn and went into the parking lot. He went car to car up to the top of the lot until he found my car and he jumped up on it. He refused to leave my car-- he wanted to get inside. Finally, I got him back to the grassy area and he would no longer walk or do anything he just kept pulling me toward the fence separating the parking lot and the grass area. He had positioned himself in direct line with my car on the other side of the fence. So, I told the lady if she could get him a bath I would take him home. After his bath we saw him at the bottom of the hill just staring up at us. He was happy and absolutely knew he was going with us. I was given his leash and Sampson became Sammy as he moved to my side where he remained for the rest of his life. I loved him dearly and miss him horribly. I was so lucky he picked me that day. Thank you for such a wonderful dog.

Sammy (fka Samson)