Date of Death: 

September 10, 2018

It is with with great sadness we share the news that our handsome and regal Sarge has passed over the rainbow bridge. We never knew his true age or story but hope he was happy over the past year and knew how much he was loved.  He was with us just over a year and in that short time he trained us well, stole our hearts and absolutely gave us unconditionally love. This special boy found himself as a stray at Hartford County Humane Society on a rescue only status just over a year ago. When I saw his shelter plea and looked into those big brown eyes I knew we had to foster him. Arrangements were made to go meet him (thanks to MAGSR) and from the moment we met him he showered us with kisses and love and we were determined to bring him home with hopes of finding him an amazing forever home all while giving him uncoditional love and the best care possible.  The moment he got leashed up at the shelter he never looked back. We brought him home and he easily transitioned in to our pack. Sarge was a one of a kind laid back boy that loved everyone. He was a stubborn old man that was set in his ways and we quickly adapted to his demands to keep him happy. It wasnt long before he was sleeping in our bedroom with the rest of his pack so his foster daddy carried him up the steps each night as he was not able to navigate going up the steps due to an old pelvic injury thar never healed correctly. He would eagerly wait at the bottom of the steps each night to get carried up and then race down the hall to the bedroom and wait for his treat. He was just happy to be a part of our crazy life and we were blessed to share it with him. Captain Sarge you have certainly earned your wings and we pray you are running free without pain and are waiting for us at the rainbow bridge. You will be forever missed. Thank you MAGSR for allowing us to bring him into the safety of the rescue.