Date of Death: 

August 23, 2017

I am very sad today. My beautiful fur companion passed over the Rainbow Bridge. It was quick last Wednesday she came down with a fever and it did not respond to antibiotics. An ultrasound was done today which showed cancer in the spleen stomach and nodules in the liver. She was glued to my side for the last 4 years.I am going to miss my baby girl dearly She was about 10 yrs old and still had some good years left in her if the ca didn't get her.2 days before she fell sick she was running around with a fox that she became friends with. Just about every morning before day break she would hurry down to the stream and her and the fox would play . This has been going on since March.  Then she would meet up with a few of her other furry friends  a hound dog,Shitzu,a laso and a mut .We walked several miles with her friends. She was quite THE LADY. Sierra loved getting groomed and getting her nails painted. and being a typical women she loved to shop. She would walk around Pet Value or other stores looking and smelling but wouldn't grab anything until I said "Get your treat"  then she went to what she had picked out . She was amazing. I'm glad that I could work with her and give her a nice home for 4 yrs. She was an amazing companion.