Date of Death: 

October 1, 2018

It is with a very heavy heart that we must report the loss of our Snoopy.

We adopted Snoopy on March 1, 2003. He would’ve been 16 this Halloween. His MAGSR tag is #774. We loaded up in the car and drove north of Baltimore to see him and he was going to be perfect for us. He was a few months old then, and would go on to live a long life. When he was young, we had a few issues with him that almost ended up with us returning him.

After speaking with MAGSR volunteers at the time, we decided that we would take him to see Wesley for training. This was the best decision ever. After a few lessons from Wesley, Snoopy was a totally different dog. Wesley showed us that he was just trying to be dominant over the smallest person in the family and we could correct that problem. From that day on, my youngest daughter Melanie was the dog trainer. While we were at the training sessions, some of Wesley’s staff said they knew him, and said he was actually born right there in that building. They even showed us the stall where he was born and told us he was actually born on Halloween night.

He went on to rule over the 4 other dogs (dachshund) that we got after him. They would get in his face and bark at him, but he just ignored them. He loved to bark and chase squirrels. When we moved a few years ago, all of the dogs had a much larger area to patrol for squirrels, snakes, rabbits, etc.

A couple years ago we noticed he was moving slower, and his eyesight was starting to go and he was getting dog Dementia. He had arthritis, but not the usual hip issues shepherds have. The vet put him on medicine and he went on like normal. About a year ago, he really started slowing down and then his hearing started to go also. We consulted with the vet numerous times and were monitoring things closely. This past month, he was taking a turn for the worse and on Wednesday October 3rd, we made the decision to end his pain that was starting to show more and affecting his ability to stand and walk.

He will be missed by all of his pack of dogs and humans; we will forever love and miss you Snoopy.

Everett Hovencamp