Date of Birth: 

June, 2012

Date of Death: 

October 31, 2019

I am sending MAGSR this message to let your organization know of the passing of Tucker.  We adopted Tuck on 11/24/2012 as 5 month old pup that had a tough start.  He was always full of energy and was always ready to play with us.  Tucker had never had any health issues or showed signs of not being 100% until October 30 when he refused to eat dinner and then on Oct 31 did not eat morning food and would not even take treats.  We took him to our Vet, Cabin Creek Animal, where he was x-rayed and blood work completed.  He was bleeding internally. We then took him to PetsER in Salisbury where the bleeding was confirmed along with cancer that had started spreading.  He was extremely weak and unable to continue, so we made the decision to not let him suffer any more.    We miss him, he was so much a part of our lives. 

It is always so good to hear of the good the MAGSR does, and Tucker was the 4th GSD we had adopted from MAGSR.    

Tucker had a AKC Star Medal for training. Thank you to MAGSR for allowing us to care for Tucker for 7 years.