Sad news

We wish there was no sad news to report but...
This page is dedicated to all those trusting and loving dogs out there who have made our lives better by being in them. 
We miss them now and forever.

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The Rainbow Bridge
There is a bridge connecting heaven and earth.
It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors.
Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land
of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass.

When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place.
There is always food and water and warm spring weather.
The old and frail animals are young again.
Those who are maimed are made whole again.
They play all day with each other.
There is only one thing missing.
They are not with their special person who loved them on earth.
So, each day they run and play until the day comes
when one suddenly stops playing and looks up!
The nose twitches!
The ears are up!!
The eyes are staring!!
And this one suddenly runs from the group!

You have been seen, and when you and your special friend meet,
you take him or her in your arms and embrace.
Your face is kissed again and again and again and again,
and you look once more in the eyes of your trusting pet.
Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together,
never again to be separated.

These are memorial entries for MAGSR Dogs that have gone to wait at the Bridge.

Memorial tributes for our beloved MAGSR pups reported prior to 2016 can be found here.

April 22, 2022


Jaicee, formally spelled Jaycee (she didn’t mind the spelling change!), joined our family on May 4, 2014.  The first picture is the day we brought her home.  She was a wild girl, and we knew things were going to be “exciting” for awhile.  With training, and lots of love, she developed into a great dog.  She loved people, and going for walks.  In fact, she with us, walked over 4 thousand miles for WolfTrax, and will continue to contribute until we get another GSD.  When we lived in Frederick, our daily walk was along Carroll Creek Linear Park, and Market St.  She made friends with the homeless, shop owners, and parking meter enforcers.  We moved to Florida in December, and resided in a hotel for 74 days.  She acclimated to the new environment immediately.  We moved into our new home the end of February.  We continued our long walks along the Gulf of Mexico.  It was important for us to secure a home with a yard for our enjoyment, as well, as hers.  Unfortunately, she would only utilize it for 2 weeks.  We noticed a change in behavior , and made an appointment with a recommended veterinarian on March 9th.  Blood tests showed anemia.  Her abdomen was tender, and an x-ray showed an enlarged spleen.  Symptoms highly suggestive of hemangioma sarcoma of the spleen.  Surgery was done the same day.  The largest tumor had ruptured.  Her abdomen was full of blood.  “Not survivable”.  Fortunately, we were able to say good bye to her while she was still alive, but under anesthesia  We are heartbroken.  We intend to adopt another GSD from MAGSR when in Maryland in June.  Please advise Trish that we’ll be in touch.  Having lost our previous beloved GSD to the same deadly diagnosis, we plan on close monitoring of labs, and abdominal tenderness in the future.  Hemangio sarcoma “the silent killer”, doesn’t exhibit symptoms, typically, until it’s too late.  Early detection may have extended the lives of 2 precious family members.

March 31, 2022


Thanks to MAGSR we were blessed to have Alpine in our life since we adopted him in September 2012.  We were lucky to have such a wonderful GSD for almost 10 years, but at the age of 13 years, his health declined and he crossed the rainbow bridge on 3/31/2022.  


Alpine was an incredible GSD and an important member of our family.  He enjoyed doing tricks, taking walks, playing with his squeaky toys and most of all, just hanging out with us, taking in the love and affection we showered on him.  He was a gentle giant who loved his family and was loved by all who met him. 


We love him and miss him.  Thank you MAGSR for bringing the blessing of Alpine into our lives for almost 10 years. 

March 24, 2022


Hello, It is with a devastated heart I inform you that the most amazing dog MAGSR ever adopted out was laid to rest 3-24-2022. i adopted Capri in December 2015 and the minute we connected we were as one. For 7 especially blessed years we enjoyed a relationship of loving kisses, a hilarious sense of humor and a dedication to my well-being that no human could touch. I loved her to the moon and back! Everybody, and I mean everybody, loved my sweet Capri, recognized her honesty and uniqueness and are shattered at her loss. She died when an abdominal tumor was seen on x-ray, she had hidden her illness for months until she no longer could. She was your finest example of a dog coming from a bad situation to shine her whole life through with courage, loyalty and a loving disposition that endeared her to many. She was my heart and life will never be the same.

With sincere gratitude,

Robin West

March 10, 2022

I wanted to inform you Falcon crossed the rainbow bridge last night.  She had a mass on her spleen. Had stopped eating and taking medication. She had bad arthritis that gave her a limp, therefore one of her nicknames was limpy Mclimps, but it didn't stop her from playing with her fur sister. She had a full life since I adopted her in 2009.  She had helped foster many rescue dogs and had two fur siblings who are still with us.  She welcomed two human children over the years and many cousins. She was an extremely smart, stubborn and mischievous girl and very loving to everyone.  She loved running in the ocean, hiking and visiting new places.  She was definitely the attention hog and loved to meet new people. She also loved to dig holes! We are heartbroken   She is gone, but happy she isn't in pain any longer. She was definitely a once in a lifetime dog. 

February 16, 2022


For the people who really know us, know that we are all about our dogs. We have been with MAGSR for many years and have had well over 150 dogs fostered in our home over the years. There are always the ones that grab you, suck you into them and pull your heart strings. This is exactly what Theo did for us. Theo started his life in California and made his way to Louisiana when the rescue stepped in and brought him into MAGSR. Shortly after arriving, we realized he had some behavior issues and he was sent to a board and train program. We decided after completion of training we would bring him to the Bulson Bed and Breakfast as a foster. He entered the farm full of life and personality. He loved playing with tennis balls, riding on the Polaris, just hanging out on the farm, and hanging with me while I trained dogs.

A little over a year ago he was diagnosed with cancer. We performed surgery and within a few months the cancer returned. Again the rescue did surgery to remove the mass from his back with clean margins and we hoped he was clear. A few months later we found Theo to be in some pain and the lumps had returned. Yesterday we had to make the hard decision to let Theo run free.. he will be missed greatly as he was one of my buddies… run free and without pain buddy…  

February 14, 2022

My husband and I adopted Benny on a cold, snowy day in Pennsylvania in Jan 2010. He lovingly welcomed our son home 7 months later. Since then and for 12 years, Benny has been family. We are so heartbroken. 

Benny has been the pillar of strength and health until last year when he was diagnosed with kidney disease and then degenerative myelopathy.  With a special diet and exercise, he's had a wonderful year. Covid gifted us all the benefit of lots of time together. He kept an eye on each of us even at home... always knowing what was going on and where we all were.

Benny was fiercely loyal and protective, but so loving, too. We really, really miss you, big boy.  Thank you MAGSR for all that you do and for sharing beautiful Benny with us.

February 12, 2022

Our beautiful girl, Bella, passed away yesterday.  She fought a hard battle with her cancer and gave us four extra months with her.  We noticed her slowing down over the weekend and thought there was an infection.  She was given antibiotics and it seemed to help, but she was still clearly not well.  Then Wednesday she seemed to rally and for one perfect, beautiful day, she was our bouncy, sassy, rambunctious puppy again.  She chased Indy around the yard and visited with out neighbors, and absolutely lit up when her mama got home from work.  It was a truly perfect day.  But then midday yesterday, she came into my office to get me, laid down, and wouldn't get back up again; she was telling me she was ready to go.  I called my wife home from work and we took her to Bluepearl Pet Hospital in Rockville, MD where they diagnosed her with bleeding into her abdomen, that her cancer was back and had ruptured.  Even if they'd tried surgery, it would've been unlikely to assist, with low or no chance of significant recovery.

My wife and I made the incredibly painful decision to let her rest, and the staff took care of everything else.  We were in the room with her as she passed, my wife rubbed Bella's back and I knelt with my forehead pressed to Bella's, the same way we always said goodnight to each other the last four years.  She passed peacfully and without pain.

January 16, 2022

Our beloved Juliet passed away on the 16th of January. She had been battling several health issues. After so many trips to the vet and specialists her body couldn’t take anymore. We’re devastated, and the house feels empty without her around.

We adopted Juliet along with her brother Romeo in February of 2018. Juliet always led the way on all of our adventures. She was the first to jump in the car, and the first to find the mud on our hikes. She had the sweetest disposition, and weathered every storm in life with the same wagging tail and bright eyes. She could play rough with her bigger brother, and sprint so fast after her favorite toy. We feel fortunate that we could spend all day every day with her these last couple years. We will always treasure the special moments with her in our hearts, and she will live forever in our memories.

Thank you for bringing her into our lives.

January 11, 2022

Tyler in profile
Happy TylerTyler's StoryTyler's StoryTyler's StoryTyler's StoryTyler's StoryTyler's StoryTyler's StoryTyler's Story

Our beloved Tyler had to be put to rest today, by his regular vet. He has had many health challenges, each able to be overcome with love, patience, and care – but the hardest blow was his degenerative myeloma. As I’m sure you know, there is no treatment or cure, and the progressive symptoms only continue to worsen as time goes on. Having lost the use of both his back legs, and developing other problems and injuries as a result, we were able to manage his condition as long as possible with harness systems and lifestyle changes (even looked into a wheeled aid, but that didn’t work out), it got to the point that a decision had to be made. What makes this disease so especially evil is that the dog remains sharp and healthy of mind, but does not comprehend why his body no longer works. I wish more could be done to stop breeders from perpetuating this horrible genetic illness!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know. I’m so grateful that I had Tyler in my life for four wonderful years, and will miss him the rest of my life. I like to think that I did as much for him as he did for me, though I’m not sure I can measure up to that. I’m grateful to MAGSR for allowing us to adopt him and give him a loving home.

I’m attaching some files, I hope they are not too terribly large. The PDF is a small tribute I made for my dear friend. It doesn’t say half as much as I’d like to say, or contain half as many pictures as I’d like to include, but I think it helps capture his life with us and the journey we had together.

All the best,
Dave Crout

January 10, 2022

Good evening all, sadly writing to inform you of Atlas’s passing. We adopted Atlas in January of 2007 at the age of two, yes 2007! He has been an absolute model of perfect health up until last year when old age caught up with him. He was truly a kind soul filled with love and affection for everyone he met. We tried our best to spoil him in every way possible and treat him with the love he showed us. Our hearts are broken but we know we have given him the best life possible. Thank you for introducing us to him so many years, we are blessed. 

December 29, 2021



It is with deep sorrow and the worst hurt in my heart, that I reach out to you to inform you that our sweet Frankie (formerly known as Gypsy- adopted in March 2018), lost her battle to Lymphoma today. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma in May 2021– we had called MAGSR back in May to inform the rescue but never received a phone call or email communication back.

My husband, Michael Shaffer, and I took every possible Avenue that we could to help our sweet Frankie. We worked closely with Dr. Stacie Binstock, canine oncologist, at Lancaster Veterinary Services. Frankie underwent chemotherapy starting in May, but only had a short remission. We attempted two other chemotherapy drugs, but neither of them proved successful for remission. The Lymphoma grew resistant to the treatments we attempted.

I cannot begin to express how much my heart hurts, but I am proud to say that heaven welcomed one of the best four-legged angels it could ask for. Our sweet Frankie lost her battle to cancer today. Even though she was with us for three short years, she has changed us for a lifetime. We will continue to love her and cherish our time and memories of her for the rest of our lives. We are so blessed that we were chosen to be her human parents— she came to us when we least expected it, and it was divine intervention, in my mind, that we were brought together. We didn’t want to let go today, but she knew that she was not alone and that we were with her in every moment. While this quarantine has not been ideal for anyone, it was a blessing for us that we got to spend these last two years at home with Frankie, loving and cuddling her when she needed us most! We will always love her, forever and always! Until we meet again, sweet Frankie Bean!

If you could please notify the other family’s of Frankie’s litter mates that she passed from Lymphoma, and that they, too, should be aware and cognizant of their pups’s health, we would be most appreciative!

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We hope to adopt from MAGSR again in the future. While we’re obviously not ready now, if there is any information you can provide regarding how previous adopters can should start this process again, please share with us.

Thank you!
Brittany and Michael Shaffer

December 23, 2021

Kobe will be forever missed


I wanted to write and let you know of Kobe’s passing on December 23, 2021 due to a brain tumor.    When we adopted Kobe from MAGSR, his name was Kent, but we renamed him on our first day home seven years ago.  Kobe lit up our lives and completed our family.  He was the picture of health and full of energy up until about a week and a half before his death when he started showing symptoms of vestibular disease.  Both his vet, and then the neurology specialist we took Kobe to see, treated him with antibiotics for a middle ear infection, but Kobe’s decline was so rapid and so extreme that we took him to emergency critical care.  An MRI revealed the aggressive brain tumor which took him from us later that night.

Kobe was the mayor of our neighborhood.  My family and I enjoyed long walks with Kobe, and he easily trekked 3-4 miles each day, between the walks my husband, my two boys and I took with him separately.  Young children would come running to him as we passed their houses, yelling, “Kobe, it’s Kobe!”  They would hug him and kiss him, and he was the gentlest giant with everyone who touched him.  Kobe loved to play with other dogs too, and other dog owners would drop by so their furry friends could play inside our fence with him.

We are heartbroken to have lost Kobe, and I will be forever grateful to the kind and loving people at MAGSR who introduced Kobe to our family in November, 2014.  I have attached a picture from last winter of our beautiful boy.

Thank you, MAGSR, for the wonderful and very important work you do.

The Harper Family

December 22, 2021

I wanted to let you know that my dog Keena (aka Topaz) adopted 11/11/06 passed away today.  She was a great dog and I want to thank your organization for allowing her to become part of my family.

December, 2015 to November 30, 2021

Bailey relaxing - always with a ball if at all possible
Bailey on vacation at the ocean with his partner Sweet PeaBailey staring down one of his many ballsBailey sleeping in his favorite hot weather position


We wanted to let you know that our beloved Bailey (MAGSR tag 5277) died after eating some dark false mussels.  We did not know that these mussels are highly toxic to dogs, causing acute liver failure.  We recently brought a boat into our yard, which had tiny mussels stuck to the bottom, and apparently Bailey crawled under the boat and scraped off and ate a large section of mussels.  We pieced together what happened only once he got sick and we found the tiny shells in his poop.  He spent two days in intensive care at Catonsville ER, and the vets did everything they could to save him, but the damage to his liver was too severe.  He was only 6 years old, still full of joy and ball-chasing energy, and we are completely crushed by his death.

We hope that you will help to raise awareness of the danger that these mussels pose to dogs.  (Ask potential adopters about boats?)  We never would have brought a boat into our yard if we had known.  The boat is now gone, and thankfully our other MAGSR dog (Sweet Pea - adopted in 2013?) did not eat any mussels.  She is grieving for her partner but is otherwise in great shape.

Here’s a link to a Maryland DNR health alert about the mussels:

It’s unclear exactly what in the mussels is so toxic to dogs.  The ER vet asked to have a necropsy done on Bailey, with the hope of shedding some light on the problem, so we donated his body to DNR and the veterinary pathology group at Johns Hopkins. 

Best wishes,
Bailey’s mom and dad

November 4, 2021


We are sad to report of the passing of our shepherd, Jack Shannon, on November 4, 2021.  

We adopted Jack back in November of 2013 and while he survived emergency surgery for bloat he was unable to overcome the combined effects of arthritis and degenerative myelopathy.  

He was a big boy with a big heart and an even bigger personality.  We lived by the motto that “a good dog is a tired dog” and we spent a good portion of our day trying to wear him out.  Whether it was playing ball, playing in the snow, sledding, early morning walks, weed fun or hose fun he was always down for a good time.  

More than anything though he loved his people and he will be sorely missed by all of us.  

The Witek’s

October 27, 2021


Lexi crossed the rainbow bridge on Wednesday. I'm heartbroken because she was my best friend, but I wanted to write a note in her honor and just let you know of her passing. Lexi was my instant soul mate, and after a bit of a rough start with the dog we already had at the time, she settled in with her brother and they truly loved each other. While she wasn't fond of many other dogs, she had so many human best friends, and I loved walking her down the street because people always stopped in awe of how beautiful and wolf-like she was. She was also silly and very smart (much smarter than her brother). I would laugh when she wanted a toy that he had, so she pretended to be interested in another one just to trick him into dropping what he had to go for it, while she got the original.

I'm enclosing some of my favorite photos of her and her brother Titan (both gone within 6 months of each other from cancer). I’m a photographer and she even got to model in a few photo shoots (she always snuck in). I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with Lexi in her senior years.

I can't imagine my house without a dog in it and may be interested in fostering soon, something I've done in the past.



October 25, 2021

Our Tanner came into our lives in November 2017.
He died of bloat while we were away which makes it that much harder to process.
We weren’t with him.
He was the most loyal, obedient dog we have ever loved.
He melted our hearts everyday he was with us!

“Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole!"

October 11, 2021

RIP, Sweet Hollie
RIP, Sweet HollieRIP, Sweet HollieRIP, Sweet HollieRIP, Sweet HollieRIP, Sweet HollieRIP, Sweet HollieRIP, Sweet HollieRIP, Sweet Hollie

Hollie passed away unexpectedly early this morning from a probable ruptured hemangiosarcoma. She was such a wonderful dog and companion since the day we welcomed her into our family.

Thank you to Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue and Nicole Cox for bringing her into our hearts six years ago. She'll be there forever.

October 4, 2021

We wanted to let you know that today, our angel puppy grew his wings. Bear (aka, little Bear, Baby Bear, Pacifier, Frosty Paws, Wiggles, Fluff Butt) was special from the beginning. He had a magic about him that brought everyone human or fluffy joy and comfort. Over the past 10 years in our home, Bear welcomed countless foster dogs, he provided comfort and joy to 6 foster children, he joined us in celebrations, he stayed close when we struggled, and he brought endless smiles to family, friends, and people in the community. His wiggles, patience, and presence are already beyond missed in our home. Bear, we know that Kenya, Maggie, Izzy Bee, and Hyde are looking after you on the bridge. Know that you took a piece of our hearts with you.  You are loved. Fly high baby boy, until we meet again.
-Kate, Will, Ally, Nugget, & Hiccup

October 4, 2021

I am sad to be writing this email to you today.  Camden fell ill this week and passed away on Sunday morning.  I wanted to thank Ed for introducing Camden to me on an early Sunday morning.  He started out as a foster and then became our pup with the help of Candi.  Camden loved Candi when at the kennel.  Once Camden recovered from Heartworm treatments he settled into our family.  I honestly do not know what we did to deserve such a wonderful dog.  Camden was patient with foster dogs (most of them) and with the craziness in our household.  The past two years have been challenging with losing parents and grandparents.  I feel that he helped our family survive through this difficult and challenging time.  Losing a dog is very hard but the time with them will always be cherished.  I will miss our early morning walks, him going to work with mommy in the office, spending time walking the yard, and waiting for the kids to finish swim team practice.

I attached a photo of Camden at the beach and this is how I will remember him. Watching the ghost crabs and the sunrise at the beach.  Reminding me that tomorrow is going to be a great day and to take advantage of the time we have with family and fur companions.

October 2, 2021

RIP Kylie

Five days ago my otherwise healthy K9 partner Kylie developed a limp and was diagnosed with an aggressive bone cancer in her front leg that had spread to her lungs and abdomen.

Kylie died suddenly yesterday afternoon at Tridelphia Animal Hospital in Dayton, MD

Within a week I lost my best friend. My family and I are devastated. Kylie was the 7th Ryan and that is exactly how this feels…… like a member of our family is gone forever.

When Kylie joined our family; life suddenly got better for all of us.

As a team, Kylie and I went on some of the most epic adventures. Her incredible intelligence and world class sniffer helped speak for those who could no longer speak for themselves. No matter where we went……local, state, and federal law enforcement all knew of Kylie and her abilities. She got more gifts from strangers than my kids get at Christmas. She was so loved.

During Kylie’s short life….. she forever changed our shared world for the better.

My girl is gone and everything is not okay, but hopefully one day soon it will be again.

Gene Ryan

(Here's a story about Kylie's career -Ed)


September 27, 2021

On October 31, 2010, my wife and I were adopted by Ty when he was about 3. He passed this week.  He has truly been my best friend these past 11 years and he was very much loved, and he loved us very much.  He was a caretaker and protector for our 7 year old daughter from the moment she came home, the 3 cats who departed before him, and his favorite cat, who is moping around just a little this week, missing him like all of us are.

I just wanted to let you all know since I’m sure someone is still there who might remember this remarkable dog.  Because of Ty, we continue to support your work through donations and Amazon. I hope one day we don’t need you all anymore.

September 22, 2021


Russia came to me as a very sick senior pup. He was underweight, had massive raw areas on his skin due to allergies, had a very bad case of heartworms, and was scared of every movement I made.

However, within just a few days he showed me that he was, at heart, a young puppy who wanted to trust even when scared, was always ready with kisses, would go miles no matter what the vets said, and really wanted to be an integral part of someone's life.

He sang along with the firetrucks and ambulances (not police cars for a reason only he understood), hid his treats under the shed, told all the neighborhood dogs what was going on, and would tuck himself into any available space if it meant he could snuggle just a little closer. He absolutely loved to get brushed and would circle his body to be sure I got every spot just right. He was always in motion if anyone else was moving around, checking out the latest happenings to be sure he didn't miss a moment of life.

He never slowed down, not even on his last days. He might have been very sick, but that wouldn't stop him. In the end, we said goodbye after a last brushing (he made sure I got all the good spots), with his head in my lap tucked up nice and close for one last snuggle.

September 13, 2021


It saddens my heart to inform you of the loss f our beloved Fritz (f/k/a Ranger) on Monday, September 13.  From the first day he came into our lies in Sept. 2010, he formed a bond with me only a dog owner can understand.  He remained that way until the end.  Through all of these years, there are too many memories to list.  Since my retirement a couple of years ago, our bond has gotten even closer spending almost every part of the day together along with our other MAGSR dog Heidi.  Starting everyday off with breakfast outside on he patio.  Coffee and your dogs, what better way to start your day.  Your loss will be felt for a long time but I know I’ll see you across he Bridge.  Until then, good bye my friend.


Jay S. Thomas

September 13, 2021

Snowy right before she was captured. She had no idea the great life she was in for.

We recently lost Snowy who was a huge part of our family and pack. Now there is this immense void that Snowball once occupied. Words don't seem fitting enough to convey the depth of loss we feel. So we thought it was only fitting pay homage to her life and legacy.

This is the life of Snowy.

Back in the spring of 2010, we were alerted of the need to rescue a dog, a white German Shepherd. Some people who saw this dog even wondered if it could possibly be a coyote. The dog had been hanging around a horse stable. When we first arrived on the scene, it was obvious to us that it was a white female German Shepherd. But because she was dirty and thin, we could see why some people might think she was a coyote when they caught a quick glimpse of her. She wasn't scared of making herself seen and the riders at the stable frequently saw her. But she was smart. She knew not to get close to the horses and riders or put herself in a position of being captured. Many locals in the area were feeding her which helped to keep her there. They would drive by in all hours of the day or night and drop off cheeseburgers and the like. It was apparent that she was very young and in need of rescuing. You could see her ribs. But how did she get there? How long was she out there? Was she dumped? Did she escape from somewhere? We always wondered this. But more importantly, we needed to devise a game plan to capture her and bring her to safety. Monty and Sheri and a few other very special people (you know who you are) started working on right away. As we frequented the area to begin conditioning her to our presence, we would put food out for her nearby to us. We tried befriending her by trying to hand feed her. While she was food motivated, she would come ever-so close but not close enough to allow us to touch her. She would even walk behind Sheri within a few inches in an attempt to get the food that Sheri had in her hand. Seeing that physically capturing her this way wouldn't work, we moved to the next phase. We set up a humane trap. We are experienced in tracking and trapping and have captured dogs with humane traps in the past. However, this girl was having none of it. She would walk to the entrance to the trap and not enter. This went on for a while. Knowing this wasn't going to work anytime soon, we had to change our strategy. We set up a kennel run in the field. We tied the door open and began putting food in there for her to eat when she got the nerve to enter. Since the the kennel run was much larger than the standard humane trap, she felt more at ease with entering. Once she routinely entered the kennel run, it was only a matter of time before we were able to shut the door with her inside. After she was captured and authorities were notified, we were given the go ahead to transport her a local veterinary hospital so that her health care could begin. We had been working on her capture for weeks at this point. Once the dirt and grime was washed off of her, we could begin to see her beautiful white coat. This diamond in the rough became known as  "Snowy". 

While in the hospital, all of us involved in her capture would routinely visit with her to help condition her to being around humans. She was very feral. She put up with us but she never once acted aggressive in any manner. You could say she was very passive. She missed out on socialization with humans early in her life and therefore, had no reason to trust us. 

The next step was to transfer her into a foster home. So we decided to bring her to our house as our next foster. We knew this would be a long process as she was an extreme flight risk. She was not bonded to us and had no reason to be. Every precaution was taken to prevent her escape while we were bonding. As she began bonding to us, we were able to let down our guard little by little, but not too quickly. Because we already had other Shepherds of our own, this helped Snowy transition into living in a home. She was awesome with other dogs and she learned to trust humans though them. She never acted aggressive with our dogs. True to her nature, she was very passive with them, too. 

After fostering her for about a year and not finding the right adoptive home, we made the decision to adopt her ourselves. We knew her better than anyone, became very attached to her and she became very attached to us. She liked Monty... but she loved Sheri. Her world revolved around Sheri. Snowy was attached to our dogs as well. But now, this once practically feral dog had blossomed into a beautiful, majestic family member who adored her humans, particularly Sheri. Snowy wasn't too crazy about visitors though. She wasn't aggressive with them but she was most comfortable keeping her distance from them. As the years went by, that too changed and she would inquisitively wander up to a visitor to say hi. Fast forward, though the years we brought many new fosters into our home. Some stayed, some did not and were adopted into loving homes of their own. But when we brought a new foster home, Snowy was our first test dog. She never let us down and was always willing to allow a new packmate into the fold. She was bombproof in this manner.

After arriving to our house as a new foster, she never spent a night alone. There was an occasional stay at the vet's office for something health related which was out of our control. But we never ever willingly left her alone. Her days and nights of living near the stable in the woods, chasing off the occasional fox which was trying to steal food that was intended for her, were long gone. Snowy was home.

Through the years, Snowy learned to like all sorts of things. Some are very normal like fetch, swimming in the pool, roughhousing with her humans, going on walks. But she also had some comical behaviors (all scent driven) such as rolling on fresh sheets on the bed, nuzzling into Sheri's long hair, getting a new toy and rolling on it. She loved peanut butter, ice cream, milk, sliced cheese, chicken... and again, her human mom. When Monty would come home from being at work, she was happy to see him. But when Sheri came home from work, Snowy's expression of joy jubilation was on a whole other level. You could practically see her beaming and smiling with love.

Snowy didn't travel well and never learned to like the vehicle. As a result, she didn't travel far from her home. But she had a home where she felt safe, loved and never had to worry about anything ever again. She was safe from harm, starvation and learned what it was like to have a family of her own.

On the day she left this world, she was wrapped in our arms and our love. Yes, she was very lucky that some people cared enough to help her when she needed it most. But we like to think of ourselves as the lucky ones to have had the opportunity to capture her, show her love and receive that love in return.

Snowball, you taught us a lot and we helped you learn many things in return. But we lived a great life together. We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family and our home is not the same without you.

We love you. Until we meet again...

Monty and Sheri

September 11, 2021


My Shadow

I entered the journey of adopting a GSD without truly understanding the lasting imprint a true, pure, and perfect creature of God would leave.  Who knew my shadow was in the shape of a German Shepheard! 

It was March 2, 2019, when we returned to look at few more dogs for the umpteenth time.  This time was different and I knew that.  Monroe silently spoke to me on a completely different level; she was tiny but mighty.  Trish, one of the key volunteers with MAGSR, dubbed her the ‘Tiny Terrorist’, and in the following years, we discovered why in the purest and most loving way. No one could imagine the lives these poor pups, the Georgia-38, came from; starvation, neglect, abuse, and worse, but MAGSR gave these beautiful creatures the opportunity to be shown true love, affection, structure, more love, consistency, guidance in return for their loyalty. For that, we are eternally grateful.  

Monroe was a mess and it was going to take a lot to heal her from the horrid past.  We poured on the training, love, affection, patience, structure, and FOOD like never before.  It was the best three years for all of us.  Over those years she helped me with countless things from trivial tasks to the meaningful comforting of not only myself but friends who were surprised to learn Monroe could sense they needed comforting.  She was an expert at cleaning the dishes (no pre-rinse needed), she HATED the vacuum as much as I did, guarded the house when we were away, helped me achieve the walking century club with Peloton in record time (wearing my century club T-shirt as I type this), and so much more.  I watched a dog who was unfamiliar with love afraid to move to a dog jumping up on 3’ to 4’ walls on command.  GSD’s are in my eyes the perfect creature, just perfect except for one thing; their life expectancy.  We just never know when they will be called back up to Heaven. 

I’ve had many dogs and it’s never easy to say goodbye to your family pet, never.  But saying goodbye to Monroe has been beyond devastating.  It feels like a void larger than the Grand Canyon.  I will always miss her fierce loyalty, her ability to protect me, help with dishes, her trying to kill the vacuum cleaner and overall being an incredibly spoiled and loved member of our family.  I will miss my shadow.

I will never understand why she was called too soon, but I am thankful we had the time we did.  I love you Monroe and you are beyond missed.  Until I meet you on the Rainbow Bridge… 


September 7, 2021

Three years ago my husband and I lost our girl of 11 years.  Our hearts were broken and the house was so quiet we couldn’t stand it.  So we learned of the Georgia-38 pups and decided to honor our girl by saving another sweet ones life.  That is when we found ourselves at MAGSR.  And there she was, Gracie (fka Amika) sitting across the field with a little boy knelt in front of her.  Gracie was so gentle with him she caught my eye immediately.  We walked over to meet her and spent time walking her around.  It didn’t take long to know we had found our girl.  The ride home she was so calm and quiet, from that point we knew we found our travel companion.  Gracie loved going for car rides so much it became a Friday night routine, along with a bite or two of burger we would stop and get for her.  Boy did she love her car rides!  Gracie also loved her walks with her Daddy and did very well in her obedience’s classes.  She mastered sit, stay, come, down and shake very quickly, we know we had a smart girl.  Gracie was a quiet girl her first year with us.  I mean she didn’t make a sound, but one day the door bell rang and there it was; a strong Shepherd bark, the kind that means business.  From that point Gracie always alerted us of strange sounds and we knew she finally felt she was home.  During that first year we had noticed that Gracie had pain in her hips and legs and the vet confirmed it was hip dysplasia. She was placed on pain meds that helped.  For the first time after that we saw Gracie run!  Gracie took to both of us, but her person was my husband.  She followed him everywhere.  They both enjoyed the yard no matter what they were doing, gardening, cleaning up or just enjoying the sun and breeze.  Over the next two years we spoiled Gracie and also felt we had to protect her because of the life she previously had.  As the time passed we noticed it was becoming more difficult for her to sit down without having pain and she began to stumble when walking so she laid more.  The vet said it was degenerative myelopathy.  We changed her meds and did all we could to keep her comfortable; but then sadness happen.  Gracie’s back legs just gave out and you could see she was in pain.  The vet said we could try steroids but other then that there wasn’t much he could do.  So with a very heavy heart September 7th, 2021  the decision was made to end her pain so she could run free and pain free.  

September 7, 2021

Our beautiful, loyal, intelligent and loving girl Gretel went to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge on Sept 7th 2021. She was our friend and companion for almost
thirteen years spending the last eleven in the state of Maine, where she loved the snows of winter. She also loved playing with a tennis ball becoming a champion
fielder in the half dozen dog parks and school yards we visited throughout her life. Gretel was also extremely intelligent. She knew all of the basic tricks and would even retrieve a specific stuffed animal when asked. She knew how to weave through obstacles and receive a lateral pass. Unlike some shepherds, Gretel extremely friendly toward other dogs, even smaller ones, and especially tolerant of young annoying puppies. I have a memory of a pug lying on its back between Gretel’s huge front paws on a hot summer afternoon, batting at Gretel’s tongue as she patiently panted away. She was also loved to travel by car with us, especially once EZ pass eliminated the need to visit manned toll booths. While we owned a conversion van, she would sit in the front passenger captain’s chair, watching out the windows to the delight of other drivers and their young passengers.Thank you MAGSR for matching her with us. She was the perfect dog for us and I think she would agree
we were the perfect family for her. We miss our sweet girl ever so much. We will look for her at the
bridge. Wait for us Gretel!

Ken, Nancy, Jennifer, James, Elizabeth and Henry


September 7, 2021

We adopted him from MAGSR August 10, 2010 as (MAGSR told us) a 3 yr old, though he’d been a stray so who knows how old, and was known then as Duke.  He’d recently been ailing with Degenerative Myelopathy, and Friday started to exhibit a vestibular disorder:  he would swing his head around, and couldn’t seem to focus his eyes. When it didn’t resolve overnight, we took him to an animal hospital where the disorder was diagnosed and where he spent the next night.  He could not stand up without assistance, and tumbled over when he could get himself up into a crouch. He could only take a few steps even with help on front and read ends, lost interest in eating, stopped urinating on his own.  We observed him at home for 2 more days hoping to see improvement, but really there was none.  I can’t imagine feeling so dizzy all the time that I can’t stand up.  :…(. 


I wrote you on the 11th anniversary of his adoption just last month, noting that he chose my husband;  It was on a horrifically rainy visit to the kennel to see other possible matches, where his foster mom had brought him for some reason.   Love at first sight.  No regrets. In his life, he had surgery to remove a discal cyst at University of Pennsylvania, part of his tail amputated, bladder stones removed, some various subcutaneous tumors as well as some porcupine needles removed.  He defended our backyard in Delaware from numerous groundhogs (we think he mistook the porcupine here in NH for a groundhog) also treed a bear twice, and generally always took very good care of us, including offering his aid and comfort after my husband’s knee surgeries.  In addition to his own surgeries, he got acupuncture, and something called Bi-com treatments, all to his benefit, I guess.  He had fans far and wide, including visitors from England and Hungary who asked about him afterwards.  Our petsitter kept painting him; we invited her over yesterday just to see him.


We determined to do our best by him, give him every chance and I believe we gave him the best life, and dignity at the end.  But the house is so lonely now.  

Thank you so much for matching us up! 

September 6, 2021


It is with tremendous sadness that I report Tyson is no longer with us. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and was euthanized this past Labor Day. The rest of the family and I are terribly upset over the loss of our family friend. He truly was an integral part of out family and left us way to early.