Success Stories

This is what we are all about. When we place a dog in a great home, everyone in the rescue is elated. Nothing feels better than helping our dogs on their journey to find a forever home where they can love and be loved.

We thank every one of our adoptive families for opening their hearts and homes to our dogs.

These are the most recent MAGSR Success Stories. Success Stories reported prior to 2016 can be found here.

Posted: 11/25/2016

We wanted to share Groot's first Thanksgiving with us. We're very thankful to have him! Here's a picture of him posing with the only turkey we trust him with. Thanks again for all you do! Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted: 08/24/2016
Bella & Chief

We adopted Bella in July 2011. We did not change her name. She had come from Detroit - her owner surrendered her and sent her via airplane to MAGSR. We were her foster family, and then she stayed!  Bella has some allergies (leaf mold is her worst irritant) and immunotherapy didn't work for her. May - November she is perfectly fine; from about Thanksgiving until Mother's Day she stays on Apoquel to keep down the itching.  Other than that, Bella is a super smart, cuddly, athletic dog. She is slowing down a little at age 8. Now a 2-3 mile walk actually puts a dent in her energy, whereas a few years ago that would have just been the warm-up! From her behaviors and her appearance once she filled out, I strongly suspect she is a Belgian Malinois mix; probably mixed with a pointer or other tall hound. 

This photo is from a trip we took this summer with both Bella and her adopted bro Chief. Chief is a miracle boy. We adopted him from our county shelter three years ago at age 10. On March 5, 2015 he collapsed after eating breakfast. Later that day he had emergency surgery to remove his spleen. Biopsy showed he had had a bleeding tumor which was a hemangiosarcoma. Vets at the emergency center said he had maybe 3-6 months to live.   That was 18 months ago, and now at age 13 he still walks a couple miles a day with us, chases balls like a puppy, and wrestles with Bella as much as she can stand! 

Our trip was a road trip from Maryland to Niagara Falls (yep - the pups went international!) and then out to Wyoming and back.  Over 5000 miles in two weeks. They traveled like champs, and we found parks, walking trails, pet-friendly restaurants and motels all across the country! :)  I think this photo was at about day 8 of the trip, on the front porch of a KOA camping cabin, as the dogs were getting a little suspicious about loading up into the SUV yet again... 

Carolyn and Dan Matthews

Posted: 08/23/2016
The Youngsters
The Youngsters The Youngsters


We have 4 dogs; 3 of them are MAGSR alumni...we have Maxi (AKA Maxine) a long haired shepherd who we adopted in Dec. 2014, Fargo (FKA Garbo) a black lab shepherd mix, adopted -by our Malinois, Geiger, in Nov. 2015, & now most recently Wilco, (AKA Willoughby) a shepherd malamute cross, adopted in May 2016.  Fargo keeps watch by standing on our table on the deck.  All the dogs love to play, play, play & chase each other around the yard & house! 

Thanks so much,
Belinda & Allan Young

Posted: 08/01/2016
Sandor (fka Sammie)
Sandor (fka Sammie) Sandor (fka Sammie) Sandor (fka Sammie)

We adopted Sandor (fka Sammie) in May 2016, over our birthday weekend. He's named after the character, The Hound, in Game of Thrones. Despite his namesake, he is the most gentle, docile, and loving companion. We wanted a dog for years but waited until we were more settled and financially stable. I made the decision to adopt a dog after I returned home from an Afghanistan deployment, and I couldn't imagine coming home to a better babe. Now that we're together, he goes everywhere with us. We like to cruise and listen to his favorite songs. He likes Tay Swift. We've hit up all the dog parks and dog-friendly restaurants in Arlington. He's great with people, dogs, and kids. I'm just worried he might lick them to death. He's the chillest; so chill, we might have to go back to my home of SoCal because he's too cool for Arlington. He's not even scared of fireworks. He graduated in basic obedience from WOOFS! near Ballston and attends occasional doggy day care with all of his homies at Whole Dogz in Alexandria. We love him forever, more than whatever. Thank you for bringing him into our lives.

Mickey Cohen & Safi Rauf

Posted: 07/22/2016
Dega (fka Onyx)
Dega (fka Onyx) Dega (fka Onyx)Dega (fka Onyx) Dega (fka Onyx)


This is Dega formally known as Onyx. We adopted him April of 2011. He is still ball driven as ever. He almost always has a ball in his mouth or nearby. He loves the beach and the snow and just being outside! In the last 7 weeks he's become a big brother to an adorable golden retriever puppy! It was the best decision we ever made adopting him. He is so awesome and we are so glad he's ours!

Posted: 07/20/2016
Ronny Ronny Ronny

I thought you might be interested in some photos of grown-up Ronny. He did not get as large as my vet originally projected. He weighs about 58 pounds and is very lean from playing and hiking. The vet said (and I quote) "Ronny is in perfect condition." Unfortunately, his perfect condition enabled him to jump over a section of my fence, which required an extension to 6 feet to keep Ronny from visiting everyone in the neighborhood. I believe that he could easily jump over the 6 foot fence, but don't tell him that.

Ronny is still very much a puppy. Never stops playing or kissing all of his people. He especially loves girls and women, possibly because of all the attention he receives from my daughter and her friends (even though they put hats on him). I call him the kissing bandit because he has to kiss every woman he meets -- especially the soccer girls who swarm him after games.

I never have any trouble finding someone to watch him and Tobin for a few days. One woman I know even asked to borrow him after a break-up. His fur was wet with tears when she brought him back. He's a very tolerant boy.

I think his sunny, affectionate disposition contributes to his wonderful life. He has many friends and admirers. I told my kids to emulate him.

He's also very smart. Does not forget anything. He has become a bit of a character. He started "talking" about a year ago and now has a vocabulary of many different sounds. Did I mention that he is the most jealous dog in North America?

BTW - he is very protective of Tobin. They often sleep next to each other and he asserts himself if another dog is aggressive near her.

He has learned the difference between little kids and older children. He is very gentle with the little ones and usually lays on the ground for them. On at least three occasions recently, someone has greeted him on a walk with "hello handsome" or "hello gorgeous."

As Ronny's 2nd birthday nears, I could not ask for a better companion. He is one in a 1,000,000 dogs.


PS - I do wish to emphasize one issue -- Ronny is not spoiled. We would never spoil him. I think our neighbors are spoiling him. Or maybe the soccer girls. It's not us.

Posted: 07/19/2016
Milo Milo

We adopted Milo from you January of this year (2016). It was a last minute decision to take the drive down there and we are so happy we did because we really lucked out with him. He has taken everything from horses to children to busy farmers markets in stride. He's the best helper for bringing horses in and out on the farm, best running companion, and best snuggle buddy you could ask for. Not to mention he provides constant entertainment as he is certainly not lacking in the personality department. Some of his favorite things around the farm have to be ensuring the pesky birds stay off HIS porch, tirelessly chasing water from the hose, and above all else his precious sticks. This dog will spend hours chewing, wrestling, and collecting big sticks around the property. He wants nothing to do with any other toys. Great experience adopting from MAGSR and so happy with our goofy pup.

Hali Hutchinson

Posted: 07/19/2016
Bo (fka Olaf)
Bo (fka Olaf) Bo (fka Olaf)

Hi! I recently adopted my dog, Bo, formerly known as Olaf, May 2016. I wanted to let you know that he is healthy, happy, and brings a smile to my face many times throughout the day. Bo gets along great with my yorkie-poo, Pickle.  Bo, Pickle and I enjoy running together when it's not too hot, and love watching Bo swim.

Bo has currently received multiple training lessons for CGC, and will be taking the test in September. He is also starting a retrieve class, which will be every Monday night.

I was nervous to adopt such a "big," dog. However, I would have been missing him if I didn't. I love this boy so much and am glad he is a part of the family.

Gloria Fuller

Posted: 07/17/2016
Nashville (fka Zoey)

This is Nashville (fka Zoey) who we adopted in January. As you can see she has grown quite a bit from her 28 lbs! When we tell her all the bones aren't hers she gets that great head tilt like " what do you mean they're not all mine"? She loves her brother and sister fur siblings but she really rules the roost! Thanks Magsr for our second adopted GSD from you!
Debbie Thompson

Posted: 07/15/2016
Ace (fka Hadden)
Ace (fka Hadden) Ace (fka Hadden) Ace (fka Hadden)

Ace was surrendered to MAGSR in January of 2013 with his brother Hartley. We adopted Ace, who happened to be in the right place at the right time, back in 2013. It is funny how things do truly happen the way they are suppose to and we found each other. He is such a loving soul and wants to make us happy all the time. Ace is an ambassador for rescue and attends rescue events to help promote adoption for many dogs and is a wonderful foster brother to many still looking for homes. We couldn't imagine our lives with out him and a big Thank you to Magsr for saving his life and bringing us together... we are truly blessed!

Posted: 07/13/2016
Trixie (fka Hope)
Trixie (fka Hope) Trixie (fka Hope)

Good morning, my name is Aaron, my wife and I adopted "Hope" back in December, We would like to update you on her. We have renamed her Trixie. She is a wonderful dog. She loves playing outside and she is definitely a daddy's girl. She has went through two obedience courses at Blue Ridge K9 training. Here are some pictures of her.

-- Aaron Dayhoff

Posted: 06/30/2016

We adopted 'Kara' last July from your organization. It was the best decision we could have made. From the time we filled out the application until we adopted....every person at MAGSR was so friendly and helpful. We renamed 'Kara' to 'Nakoa'. She was very sick with heartworms when we got her and she has made a full recovery. We can't imagine our life without her. She is the sweetest dog that we have ever her!    


Posted: 06/19/2016
Jax Jax Jax Jax

Jax is the light of our lives. He is always up for an adventure. Jax has completed basic, intermediate, advanced and gotten his CGC! In January of 2015, we joined Wags for Hope as a therapy team. We visit nursing homes, assisted living homes and the READ program at schools and libraries. We also participate in a lot of fundraising events (5Ks usually) for animal organizations. When at home we hang out and do some neighborhood watching from the front porch, or perhaps lounge in our pool in the back yard. Thank you for bringing us together MAGSR, life would be a sad affair without Jax in it.



Posted: 06/15/2016
Polar Polar Polar Polar


We adopted Polar back in Dec 1, 2013. He has come so far since.

The first week was really rough. We lost a couch, a dog crate, a living room carpet and some blinds and so so so many remotes but he has come to feel safe and secure with us and now has free run of the house during the day. Never has an accident and has stopped chewing on things. Even remotes are safe.

He has an incredible amount of energy still. We love the summer because swimming for an hour really tires him out. One of the few things that does.

We also adopted another older female, Naja, and they had an initial power play but have since settled in nicely and have some great play time.

Polar brings a great deal of joy and happiness to us. We are never never alone as he is a complete shadow dog. He was a little aloof initially. I would always joke that if someone else came in to take care of him, he wouldn't have even noticed. But that has changed completely and he is a loyal and true companion.

Thanks so much for allowing us to make him part of our family. He is/was hard work but he is entirely worth it.  And he is very loved and spoiled.

Emily, Henry, Polar and Naja

Posted: 06/12/2016
Otto (fka Ringo)
Otto (fka Ringo)


"Ringo" who now goes by "Otto" was adopted in March 2015, and he has had my back since! He's been loving the farm life and enjoys spending almost every available second outside, burying his toys and playing in his pool. :) His other hobbies include checking on me in the shower, protecting me from the oven, and generally making sure he has my back at all times. He also enjoys snuggling in the lazy boy he has claimed as his own :)

The best part of his unconditional love is that he lets me put funny hats on him and cuddle him against his will... And he never holds it against me, haha!

A huge thanks from both of us for matching us!
Hannah and Otto

Posted: 06/12/2016

Adopted 2013. Katie is a total love bug! She loves hanging out and spending time with her family, going on camping trips to the beach and mountains, and representing MAGSR at the local Meet and Greets. She received her Canine Good Citizen certificate and passed obedience training with flying colors and we couldn't be more proud! Thank you for helping Katie find her forever home with us!

Posted: 06/11/2016
Diego (fka Nicco)
Diego (fka Nicco)

Hard to believe it has almost been a year since Diego(fka Nicco)'s gotcha day and everyone couldn't be happier. He loves all his toys but especially his Kong and his squeaky toys. Loves helping take care of the farm - watering the garden, feeding and taking horses in and out and protecting the chickens. He even thinks he should be able to drive the truck around the farm just joking but couldn't resist taking the pic last night. Just finished our Basic II Obedience and will be working for our CGC this fall. Thanks to everyone at MAGSR for making this match!

Posted: 06/11/2016
Patriot Patriot Patriot Patriot Patriot


My husband and I adopted our sweet Patriot in August 2015. He is the absolute sweetest. He loves belly rubs, his stuffed moose Marvin, snuggles, and walks along the trails. He absolutely LOVED the snow during the blizzard this year too. He is the best family member. Thank you for helping him find his way to us!!

Marissa and Andy Zuk

Posted: 06/01/2016
Heidi Heidi

We wanted to give a update on our dog Heidi, formerly known as Jo Jo, who we adopted in April 2014. When we first adopted Heidi, she was very shy around people and canines alike but obedience classes and regular trips to the dog park helped her to adjust to her new surroundings. Heidi is a very affection girl and loves to play. Some of her favorite things include walks in the city, car rides, playing with her buddies at the dog park, string cheese, playing hide and seek and distracting her doggie friends to steal their toys. She has responded well to training, obeying basic commands and performing several tricks such as 'roll over' and 'high five'. This summer we took Heidi on the trip of her lifetime driving out to Jim's hometown in Northern Minnesota. Heidi was so excited to join us on this 3 day trek across part of the country. Once we finally arrived, she met her best friend Claire, a German shepherd rescue and new member of Jim's parents' family. Heidi and Claire played for a week straight running around together and swimming in the lake. Heidi realized that although shes a good swimmer, she wasn't a huge fan of the water. Luckily Claire was there to cheer her on and encourage her!

Heidi has brought a tremendous amount of joy to our lives. She is an amazing companion to Jim and I. We look forward to what our future holds with Heidi by our side. Without MAGSR we would not have met this wonderful bundle of love. Thank you to the wonderful people at MAGSR and all you do for these dogs amd their families

Jim, Cecilia and Heidi

Posted: 02/02/2016
Rueger (NKA Smokey)
Rueger (NKA Smokey) Rueger (NKA Smokey) Rueger (NKA Smokey)


It has been 4 years since I left for my new home with the Brown Family!! I figured it was about time to give you all an update on how it's going. These people let me sleep on the sofas and beds, give me tons of treats, lay with me tons, and let me go virtually everywhere with them. They even take me to the creek where I get put on the long leash and get to swim. My family calls me a "water horse"...whatever that means.

I even have cat brothers named Bandit and The Kitwin. They're pretty cool, especially when they chase me around the house. And there are these bird things that live in the backyard. My family calls them chickens. I love those things! They never wander to far from me and when I lay down, they like to huddle right next to my sides.

I'm happier than I have ever been. Having a family is great and my human mom promised me I'd never be hungry or roaming the streets again. I like that promise.

Love, Rueger