Success Stories

This is what we are all about. When we place a dog in a great home, everyone in the rescue is elated. Nothing feels better than helping our dogs on their journey to find a forever home where they can love and be loved.

We thank every one of our adoptive families for opening their hearts and homes to our dogs.

These are the most recent MAGSR Success Stories. Success Stories reported prior to 2016 can be found here.

Posted: 03/17/2018
Echo (Cooper)
Echo (Cooper) Echo (Cooper)

Echo (Cooper) was the abused deaf pup at the rescue in October 2017. I have never met a deaf puppy before Echo, nor ever trained one. Echo has added so much joy and love to my life as well as my rescue black lab. He is the sweetest and follows his big brother around everywhere. He is doing awesome on hand signals and even reading my lips with commands. If anyone is skeptical about training a deaf dog, it is no harder, just different. If I could help others who are concern d about deafness, id be more than happy to help. I guess I'm expressing my gratitude and appreciation for your rescue connecting me with Echo. I'm thankful for him being in my family!

Thank you very much.



Posted: 02/20/2018
Maxi, taking in the sun.
Wilco & Geiger.  Where's dinner? Fargo & Wilco, chillin' Wilco warming up. Wilco staying warm.

Hey! I am sending a few pics for updates...

I’ve got:

  • Maxi (long-haired Shepherd basking in the sun) now 7, adopted in 2013. 
  • Geiger (Malinois) & Wilco (both waiting outside the kitchen) Wilco -FKA Willoughby- was adopted in 2016. He’s coming up on 3 years old. 
  • Fargo (Black Sheprador) & Wilco are out in the yard last summer.  Fargo (FKA Garbo) was the fastest foster failure - at less than a day;  adopted back in 2014.  She’ll be 4 in June. 
  • Last couple pictures are Wilco saying warm by the wood burning stove. 

Thx!! -Belinda 

Posted: 02/12/2018

Pretty has been with us now for over two years after getting loose inside the DC beltway for 9 weeks and being captured by MAGSR volunteers. Pretty is our princess! Even though she’s still skittish and we are very careful with her, she is an amazing dog. She actually barks at anything that comes to the house, even before it gets there – we’re not sure how she pulls that off, but she does. She is learning more to seek affection and she enjoys the attention. Pretty loves to eat and she will do just about anything for a treat. Pretty never knew how to play with toys, but every once in a while will take a bone and hide it from her fur-sibling. Pretty likes to go out and represent MAGSR whenever she can – she just loves to go for rides. She also lets her mom dress her up and doesn’t seem to mind (especially when it’s MAGSR apparel). Pretty is something special and she’s doing great!

Posted: 02/12/2018

Hero (Adopted May 2016) – Hero has been with me over a year now. Whether Hero is running in the back yard, playing in the snow, or diving into the kiddie swim pool, he’s a complete trip. Hero even helped us locate a loose dog one evening, although we didn’t quite realize it at that moment, but is was exhausting for him - he likes to nap whereever he can, even in the truck in positions that look so uncomfortable. Hero doesn’t mind to be dressed up, even with antlers. Hero gives his fur-sister, Pretty, tons of confidence and likes to go out and represent MAGSR whenever he can. Hero is happy to meet whomever comes his way, as long as it’s not a rabbit, bird or butterfly. Best of all, Hero loves to cuddle – it’s all about timing in life and Hero sure found a way to help a broken heart move forward.

Posted: 02/05/2018
Sage (fka Candi)
Sage (fka Candi)

This is Sage running around in her 3 acre backyard !! She has been chasing the ball and the stick every time we go outside and play! she is so happy!

Posted: 01/28/2018
Arya (fka Amber)
Arya (fka Amber) Arya (fka Amber) Arya (fka Amber)

From the moment that little pup came for a meet and greet with her foster mom... she chose her master! She came in and laid at his feet on that first day. Arya (formally Amber 2014) has been the best dog! She loves her dad most of all, but is very protective of her forever family. She is very smart and loves her walks! Thanks MAGSR for saving this beautiful dog! 

Posted: 01/24/2018
Canyon Canyon Canyon Canyon

Canyon, f/k/a Shorty, adopted September, 2016.  Canyon is an amazing dog, the most loyal and loving creature.  He has amassed a long list of admirers over the last year and a half, from his biased grandmom to unbiased walkers, vet techs, and overnight sitters.  Canyon is currently living the adventure life of a desert dog, as his new mom is considering a move out west and he is along for two months helping to decide on whether to relocate!  He is enjoying life among his namesake canyons of the West, and loves hiking and camping, even when he hears the song of the coyotes (from the comfort of the tent, of course).   Canyon is loving proof that rescue dogs are the best.  

Posted: 01/19/2018

Hello! I wanted to send a “pup-date” on Haley, formerly known as “Miranda,” who was adopted 3/18/17. She was one of Reese’s 11 puppies. Haley is doing awesome and it’s been such a joy to have her! She is a happy, energetic, and very smart girl. I’ve attached a picture from the day I adopted her, and two recent ones… she’s grown up so fast! I would love to hear how any of her littermates are doing, and would also love to see pictures if any of the adopting families would like to share.  Thank you so much for all that you do!


Katie Flickinger

Baltimore, MD

Posted: 01/19/2018

Zeus FKA Rocky, adopted December 16, 2017, is adjusting quite well to his new home!  He’s a lovable, goofy boy who tries to be a lap dog. He gets along well with his 2 new sisters but doesn’t understand why the cats won’t play with him. He started beginning Dog training this week and is the biggest pup in the class.  He’s even had a play date with the GSD next door.  We all just love this big boy!

Dena Snyder

Posted: 01/17/2018
Mila (fka Dasha)
Mila (fka Dasha) Mila (fka Dasha) Mila (fka Dasha)


I wanted to send in an update on Dasha (renamed Mila), adopted November 2017.

Her coat has grown in fully and beautifully. Mila has settled in nicely at her new home and claims a small basket in the corner to hide all her toys. We are loving her very much as she has already provided us with so much joy, endless hugs, belly rubs, and kisses. She loves romping and rolling around in the snow for endless hours. Her tennis ball never leaves her side (although hangs from one side of her mouth due to her missing teeth). She has been very eager to learn new commands and has enjoyed her pup play dates with her two new fur friends.

We love Mila so much and are very thankful for the MAGSR staff and her former foster parents that brought her to us.

Megan Dorsey
Tim Haines

Posted: 11/28/2017
Bella at the tree farm
Bella at the tree farm Bella at home

We met Bella on September 8th at the home of her foster mom, Rosemary, and instantly fell in love. She was such a happy thing despite healing sores from her skin allergies and being overweight on a hot day. She was also very happy to go for a car ride but when we got home she immediately started looking for Rosemary.

Thankfully Bella immediately started to bond with us and started to feel at home quickly. And almost three months later she is extremely comfortable at home with us and with our frequent guests. She's getting back down to a healthy weight and we're working on discovering what's the cause of the skin allergies and the best way to manage them. 

One picture is from the end of October.  The other two are from the weekend before Thanksgiving when we went to a local tree farm where Bella was thrilled to explore, visit with new dogs, and play with a young toddler for a bit.

Posted: 11/01/2017
Gus Gus Gus

We adopted Gus (previously Guinness) about a month ago. He has adjusted very  well and quickly become a family member. He's our little shadow who has to know where we are and what we're doing and he hates missing out on anything. He's a goofy little guy who loves to play, go for runs and walks, and has excelled with some training lessons. He lights up our lives and we're so happy we added him to our little family. We can't imagine our lives without him.

Posted: 10/31/2017
Victor & Mom
Victor Victor as a puppy

Hi guys,

**Forever grateful** that I became Victor’s Mom. Vic is 9.5 months and almost 70 pounds! We are in love. We have been training with Sit Means Sit, slowly but surely. It’s a lot of work but it’s the best! We plan to get fixed in February per our Vets recommendation. We moved to a much bigger apartment in Frederick with a huge fenced in yard! This dog has it made!

Posted: 10/29/2017
Willow Success
Willow Success

Willow was adopted August 5, 2017 and just turned 1 on October 17th. We recently finished a six week obedience class and we just started another round of obedience. Our goal is for her to get her CGC in the future. Willow loves the water, long walks, and playing ball. We continue to work on socialization with both people and dogs. 

Posted: 10/26/2017

We adopted Chance (formerly known as Logan) in late September. He is settling in very well and loves playing with our other dogs. He is a very happy little puppy.

Posted: 07/12/2017

Hello, this is Zeus. He was adopted in 2007.  He is doing good for a 14 year old. He does have arthritis and a degenerative spinal disease, but medication and regular acupuncture treatments are keeping him mobile. Though sometimes he needs assistance in getting up. He loves his cats and is the social butterfly of the neighborhood.

Posted: 07/05/2017

Camden is a fun-loving, belly-stratch loving little man. He has brought so much joy and love to our lives. Cam loves playing fetch, sprinting laps around the yard, spending time in his pool and napping. We could not be more grateful for the amazing work MAGSR has provided to Camden, our family and the countless other pups and families they have touched. We can't thank you enough for bringing this little sweet faced guy to us!

Posted: 07/05/2017

We adopted Ruger in August of 2009 and have been in love with him since day one. He continues to be the sweet boy as described in his bio and wants nothing more then to be laying by your side at all times. Even in his old age he continues to to have the same spunk and energy he had when we first got him.

Barron (aka Graden) was adopted in October 2014 and has kept us laughing and smiling since the day we brought him home. Barron is full of love and loves us and Ruger more then we thought was possible! He is sure to give us daily kisses and keep us laughing with his goofy personality. He loves spending as much time outside as he can and carrots are his favorite treats!

Posted: 07/02/2017

I've had her for 1 yr and 7 months now. We just moved from Baltimore to Chicago and she is doing great! The picture is from Montrose Dog Beach where she loves to run and play with other dogs, or fetch a toy. She was in water for the first time and I learned she can swim! I get so many compliments on what a beautiful dog she is and I always make sure they know where she came from and that she is a rescue. My hope is that others will rescue too. Thank you MAGSR!
Dani Buchanan


Posted: 06/20/2017
Jax Jax Jax

Hi, my name is Jax! I am a three year old black lab/German shepherd mix. I was found with my four sisters and mom when I was less that a month old and was fostered by Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue. When I was 4 months old, I was adopted by my mom and dad on January 10, 2014. It was love a first sight (I have that effect on humans). Both mom and dad are big believers in well behaved puppies, so they started me on training. I competed basic, intermediate, and advanced. I also got my Canine Good Citizenship certificate. Mom and dad make sure I get to play with lots of other dogs by going to K-9 Camp daycare a few times a week.

When I was a year old, mom signed up to join Wags for Hope. She went to orientation and the education classes without me then we had the evaluation, which I got to go to. She was very nervous because I'm a wild dog at home (or so she claims), that she made sure we went last so no one would be there to see me act up. Boy I fooled her! I was on my best behavior and ROCKED the exam. Since then I've been visited nursing homes, assisted living homes and the READ program in libraries. I really enjoy people so mom decided to test for Level II which would allow me to visit FMH. We tested for Level II in November 2016 and once again I was a very well behaved pup and passed the evaluation. 

We've been visiting the hospital and I love seeing the patients and staff. Mom is very proud of me and constantly brags on what a good pup I am. I am very lucky to have a wonderful family and a job I enjoy.