Success Stories

This is what we are all about. When we place a dog in a great home, everyone in the rescue is elated. Nothing feels better than helping our dogs on their journey to find a forever home where they can love and be loved.

We thank every one of our adoptive families for opening their hearts and homes to our dogs.

These are the most recent MAGSR Success Stories. Success Stories reported prior to 2016 can be found here.

Posted: 02/28/2020
Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver

Hello all!
 Just wanted to share some photos of the past 10 or so months Oliver an I have lived together! Oliver has turned out to be better than I could have ever hoped for. When I lost my first Shepherd Duke, I truly believed that bond could never be duplicated or even come close to the same level. I am beyond blessed that Oliver has been able to prove me wrong. He is my truly my best friend. Being my first rescue, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. All I honestly knew was I wasn’t going to enjoy the puppy phase. Over the past 10 months, mostly the first 6-8, I was able to witness the amazing growth of Oliver. Seeing him develop into the amazing Shepherd he is today, was one of the most rewarding processes I have ever completed and I do not believe I would choose anything other than a rescue again. Two of the things that sticks out the most is One) I believe in his description it was mentioned he wasn’t much of a toy user or did much of playing. Now, when I open the door, he grabs his favorite toy and bolts out the door. Flinging his toy high in the air only to use both paws to bring it back down and sprint away. Two) It was mentioned that he was stubborn. While he is a fantastic listener and absolutely brilliant, he is still very much stubborn! Not in a negative way though, but sometimes when a command is given, he just stares at you to test your patience LOL. Always though, he will listen. From Spring to Fall, we take many boat rides! Spring and Fall we do a lot of fishing, and Summer we do a lot of swimming and frolicking! We go hiking as often as possible, and we even run service calls together when someone’s AC or Heat breaks. We try to go everywhere together. We even got to take a trip to Deep Creek the end of last year and go see the beautiful waterfalls!

Thank you guys again so much for everything. I love this dog more than life itself. I thank God very often the chips fell where the did, when they did.

Posted: 02/01/2020

Recon with his new bandana and then Recon chilling out with his "girlfriend" Leah.  He and Leah are very attached to each other.  So much so that my housemates decided they are going to leave Leah here with me and Recon when they retire so they don't miss each other.  They play tag, chase, etc.

Recon is doing great.  I kept telling my housemates what to expect as they'd never had a GSD before.  He's very clever and likes to entertain.  The homeowner and his wife allowed me to adopt as long as the homeowner was good with whichever dog as he'd had a very bad experience with big dogs when younger.  Recon won him over and he takes Recon for walks, give him treats and even had Recon's head in his lap while reading.

We found the perfect fit and couldn't be happier.  

Posted: 01/13/2020

1 week ago today we adopted a sweet boy named Regis, who we have named Indiana Jones, "Indy". With some guidance, direction and lots of love this cuddly pup is fast becoming a member of our family. With our other fur baby, Carl leading the way and showing Indy the ropes, a simple routine, rules to follow and all the love a dog could ask for Indy has settled in nicely.  We are still learning to get along with the family cat, but are quickly seeing that he gets love too. 

Indy has nuzzled his way into our hearts and we are so happy to be his forever home!

Posted: 01/12/2020
Trudi Trudi

Can't believe it has been 7 and half months already with our girl. Although she is still afraid of the downstairs portion of the house Trudi is enjoying the life of a princess.

We were so proud of her yesterday at her Vet visit. She allowed a total stranger to come up to her and talk to her and actually let her without trying to back away. During her appointment she was so well behaved that everyone was so surprised she stood there like a brave girl and let the doc exam her. She got her yearly shots without any issues and she even had her toenails trimmed. Trudi made Mommy and Daddy so proud.

Last evening Trudi was feeling a little sore from her shots and for the first time she actually came seeking to be next to her Mommy for comfort.  Oh what a joy that felt.

I do have to say that we still have good days and not so good days but all on all good slow progress is being made. Trudi has taught us a total different level of love and patience that we would not trade in for anything. As we tell everyone.... That's our girl!!

#GA38strong  love to all the pups and their new lives. Thank you to all the parents and fosters 

Posted: 01/05/2020

Buddy (formerly Riptide) is settling in well. We are giving him plenty of exercise, discipline and affection; and he's rewarding us with his best behavior and love. Here's a photo of him curled up in the back seat of the car after walking and running alongside us for three hours on the Harper's Ferry trails.

Buddy's Family

Posted: 01/05/2020

Zena recently welcomed a new kitten into our family, confirming MAGSR’s “cat-friendly” rating of her.

Posted: 01/03/2020
Elke Elke Elke

Elke continues to perfect her fetching skills and loves going hiking with us.  We take her to as many places with us as possible.  Last year she went to West Virginia and Acadia National Park, ME for cabin camping adventures.  She even rode the buses around Acadia and did very well with all the commotion.  She’s a very polite guest at restaurants especially when they provide water.  She welcomed a couple of fosters and a new fur sibling, Caesar.  She wasn’t too sure about Caesar, being blind, he doesn’t always act like a normal dog.  Thanks again MAGSR for the perfect pup! 

Posted: 01/02/2020

Jackie (adopted July 15, 2017) is a furry ball of love and energy! She gets so excited no matter what we do and she is really a great member of our family! She gets along well with her older sister, our 7 year old German Shepherd named Ellie. She loves to snuggle and always wants to be wherever we are!

Posted: 12/24/2019

It's been nearly a week since we've adopted Riptide, whom we've decided to rename to Buddy.  He is such a wonderful dog and we are having a blast with him! We've been keeping Buddy well exercised and just started obedience training with him! 

Posted: 12/23/2019

Wesson, adopted April 2017 at 9 weeks old, has excelled at everything we have thrown at him! He has become a sport dog competing in Dock Dogs, Agility and Nosework. We train at a IPO (schutzhund) club once to twice weekly and earned his beginner title and is now on his way to becoming a search and rescue pup! When were not training or competing we also love traveling and hiking! This year Wesson flew with us to Utah where we traveled the state and hiked the trails and slot canyons. Wesson also became the first dog to ride in a UTV through some of the more difficult trails in Moab! When we're home, his favorite past time is learning new tricks, playing ball and swimming. Wesson has become a huge part of out lives and we wouldnt have it any other way! A huge thank you to MAGSR for this perfect adventure pup and fitting him with our family! 

Posted: 12/16/2019

Oliver immediately stole our hearts.  We knew he had to be ours as soon as we met him.  He is almost seven and we call him our gentle giant because you really feel his 110 pounds when he leans in for a scratch.  He plays hard and loves hugs and kisses.  We just adopted Ariel from MAGSR in June of this year and the two of them have so much fun together.  They drag each other across the floor playing tug-a-rope.

Posted: 12/06/2019
Toby Toby Toby Toby Toby Toby

He is loving life!! My daughter adores him, we are giving him plenty of exercise and structure.  He is still being crate trained.  He plays with my moms dogs on most weekends and has 3 siblings(cats) who all love each other.

Posted: 12/05/2019

Johnny is not used to being in a house - poor guy.  He is learning how to do the stairs and learning how to potty train.  He’s doing great with so many new things.  Our five year old female GSD, Corporal, is showing him the ropes, lol.  He looks to her for guidance.  They did awesome yesterday walking the trails.  He found out what a ball is and loved watching her run for it.  

He loves to eat and we gave him a treat last night that he absolutely enjoyed!  He does get nervous when he can’t see us, so we have very large crates in the living room and bedroom.  He did belly rubs with us last night and we were thrilled .  

He tried out a dog bed today and playing with a stuffed lamb and loved it.  He walks slowly around the house since there are so many new things but we have a quiet household so I think that helps.  

He’s going to go to the vet tomorrow just for a checkup and get established with the vet here.  He is also going to start his doggy training tomorrow evening at Blue Line K9.  

We are so thrilled to have him and help him along, he will be celebrating his first Christmas with us....we were laughing when we put up our real tree last night.  He peed on it!!  

Mike & Sara Walczak


Posted: 11/16/2019

Apollo FKA Liberty is officially 6 months old and has gotten so big! He is loving life with his sister/best friend! They play nonstop from daybreak until sunset. Unfortunately for them, daylight savings time took some of their outdoor play time away but they don’t seem too bothered by falling asleep at 7pm!

Posted: 11/06/2019

Arya's done a lot of growing up since we adopted her as a little 4 lb snapper in March 2017!  She loves playing with other dogs, splashing in her puppy pool, chasing her toy bunny, and biting her 12-squeaker snakes.  Arya lives up to the hound in her by baying at all our visitors and attempting to thoroughly inspect their bags.  She's been known to steal socks on occasion, but always drops them on command. Arya is very sweet, and even though she never quite grew into her huge ears, we love her just the same.

Posted: 11/03/2019
Chauncey Chauncey

Chauncey is doing wonderfully.  We have have had him for over a year now, and are so thankful to have had the chance to bring him into our family.  He and his sister Bella ( a 2.5 year old German Shepherd/Mastiff mix who we had from a puppy) are completely bonded and love to play outside. We have a decently sized yard, and they will spend hours with each other playing, chasing squirrels, and relaxing when the weather is nice.  When we first got him, he had some apprehension, but he has fully integrated.  He loves meeting and snuggling new people, and is a complete lapdog.  Each night, he alternates sleeping with one of our two boys (with the occasional night with his Mom and Dad of course).  He is great with kids and people in general.  He is so well mannered, and we just can't understand how it is possible he was given up twice.  He has been a wonderful addition to the family, and we are so grateful to MAGSR for allowing us to give him a forever home!

Posted: 11/01/2019

Here are some pup-date pics of my best friend,  Victor. Vic turns 3 in January and we’ll be together 3 years in March! He’s a brindle brat who knows he’s spoiled but he’s such a good boy! I know there were 11 other pups in his litter and I’d LOVE to see what they look like now! My guy is super handsome! Forever thankful for this dog! 

Posted: 10/29/2019

We adopted miss Frida (Fka- jenga) back in March, 2017 and wow has she been a pleasure to have.

At first she was quiet, shy, afraid and reserved. But now you wouldn’t know that. She isn’t quiet-talks without permission especially when it’s belly rub time or due for a feeding (which to her is all the time).

Rarely shy, but treats warm her up. She has learned that not all humans are bad and can be lots of fun.

She enjoys being a dog, and being part of a pack. She knows that her pack (Paloma and Winnie) will protect her and look out for her.

Frida, is a bed/couch hog, loves human food- and has earned the nickname “Frida the Bandido” because of talent to take ppl food without you knowing it.

Oh, and loves to see herself in the mirror, she is mesmerized and has realized that she is a beautiful doggie-something she is told on a daily basis by her humans and/ or ppl that she meets when out on walks or shopping adventures to Petsmart.

Posted: 10/29/2019
Augie Augie Augie Augie Augie

Augie has still been making such progress and has even graduated training! He has come along way since being one of the GA dogs. We are so proud of him and lucky to have him be a part of our family!

Posted: 10/22/2019
Chance Tika Chereka
Chance Tika Chance Tika

We adopted two dogs from MAGSR.  Chance (formerly Logan) in Sept 2017 and Tika (formerly Luna) in May 2019;  They are best buddies now!  Tika is especially good with our 11 GSD, Cherek; She is so gentle with him.