Success Stories

This is what we are all about. When we place a dog in a great home, everyone in the rescue is elated. Nothing feels better than helping our dogs on their journey to find a forever home where they can love and be loved.

We thank every one of our adoptive families for opening their hearts and homes to our dogs.

These are the most recent MAGSR Success Stories. Success Stories reported prior to 2016 can be found here.

Posted: 12/23/2019

Wesson, adopted April 2017 at 9 weeks old, has excelled at everything we have thrown at him! He has become a sport dog competing in Dock Dogs, Agility and Nosework. We train at a IPO (schutzhund) club once to twice weekly and earned his beginner title and is now on his way to becoming a search and rescue pup! When were not training or competing we also love traveling and hiking! This year Wesson flew with us to Utah where we traveled the state and hiked the trails and slot canyons. Wesson also became the first dog to ride in a UTV through some of the more difficult trails in Moab! When we're home, his favorite past time is learning new tricks, playing ball and swimming. Wesson has become a huge part of out lives and we wouldnt have it any other way! A huge thank you to MAGSR for this perfect adventure pup and fitting him with our family! 

Posted: 12/16/2019

Oliver immediately stole our hearts.  We knew he had to be ours as soon as we met him.  He is almost seven and we call him our gentle giant because you really feel his 110 pounds when he leans in for a scratch.  He plays hard and loves hugs and kisses.  We just adopted Ariel from MAGSR in June of this year and the two of them have so much fun together.  They drag each other across the floor playing tug-a-rope.

Posted: 12/06/2019
Toby Toby Toby Toby Toby Toby

He is loving life!! My daughter adores him, we are giving him plenty of exercise and structure.  He is still being crate trained.  He plays with my moms dogs on most weekends and has 3 siblings(cats) who all love each other.

Posted: 12/05/2019

Johnny is not used to being in a house - poor guy.  He is learning how to do the stairs and learning how to potty train.  He’s doing great with so many new things.  Our five year old female GSD, Corporal, is showing him the ropes, lol.  He looks to her for guidance.  They did awesome yesterday walking the trails.  He found out what a ball is and loved watching her run for it.  

He loves to eat and we gave him a treat last night that he absolutely enjoyed!  He does get nervous when he can’t see us, so we have very large crates in the living room and bedroom.  He did belly rubs with us last night and we were thrilled .  

He tried out a dog bed today and playing with a stuffed lamb and loved it.  He walks slowly around the house since there are so many new things but we have a quiet household so I think that helps.  

He’s going to go to the vet tomorrow just for a checkup and get established with the vet here.  He is also going to start his doggy training tomorrow evening at Blue Line K9.  

We are so thrilled to have him and help him along, he will be celebrating his first Christmas with us....we were laughing when we put up our real tree last night.  He peed on it!!  

Mike & Sara Walczak


Posted: 11/16/2019

Apollo FKA Liberty is officially 6 months old and has gotten so big! He is loving life with his sister/best friend! They play nonstop from daybreak until sunset. Unfortunately for them, daylight savings time took some of their outdoor play time away but they don’t seem too bothered by falling asleep at 7pm!

Posted: 11/06/2019

Arya's done a lot of growing up since we adopted her as a little 4 lb snapper in March 2017!  She loves playing with other dogs, splashing in her puppy pool, chasing her toy bunny, and biting her 12-squeaker snakes.  Arya lives up to the hound in her by baying at all our visitors and attempting to thoroughly inspect their bags.  She's been known to steal socks on occasion, but always drops them on command. Arya is very sweet, and even though she never quite grew into her huge ears, we love her just the same.

Posted: 11/03/2019
Chauncey Chauncey

Chauncey is doing wonderfully.  We have have had him for over a year now, and are so thankful to have had the chance to bring him into our family.  He and his sister Bella ( a 2.5 year old German Shepherd/Mastiff mix who we had from a puppy) are completely bonded and love to play outside. We have a decently sized yard, and they will spend hours with each other playing, chasing squirrels, and relaxing when the weather is nice.  When we first got him, he had some apprehension, but he has fully integrated.  He loves meeting and snuggling new people, and is a complete lapdog.  Each night, he alternates sleeping with one of our two boys (with the occasional night with his Mom and Dad of course).  He is great with kids and people in general.  He is so well mannered, and we just can't understand how it is possible he was given up twice.  He has been a wonderful addition to the family, and we are so grateful to MAGSR for allowing us to give him a forever home!

Posted: 11/01/2019

Here are some pup-date pics of my best friend,  Victor. Vic turns 3 in January and we’ll be together 3 years in March! He’s a brindle brat who knows he’s spoiled but he’s such a good boy! I know there were 11 other pups in his litter and I’d LOVE to see what they look like now! My guy is super handsome! Forever thankful for this dog! 

Posted: 10/29/2019

We adopted miss Frida (Fka- jenga) back in March, 2017 and wow has she been a pleasure to have.

At first she was quiet, shy, afraid and reserved. But now you wouldn’t know that. She isn’t quiet-talks without permission especially when it’s belly rub time or due for a feeding (which to her is all the time).

Rarely shy, but treats warm her up. She has learned that not all humans are bad and can be lots of fun.

She enjoys being a dog, and being part of a pack. She knows that her pack (Paloma and Winnie) will protect her and look out for her.

Frida, is a bed/couch hog, loves human food- and has earned the nickname “Frida the Bandido” because of talent to take ppl food without you knowing it.

Oh, and loves to see herself in the mirror, she is mesmerized and has realized that she is a beautiful doggie-something she is told on a daily basis by her humans and/ or ppl that she meets when out on walks or shopping adventures to Petsmart.

Posted: 10/29/2019
Augie Augie Augie Augie Augie

Augie has still been making such progress and has even graduated training! He has come along way since being one of the GA dogs. We are so proud of him and lucky to have him be a part of our family!

Posted: 10/22/2019
Chance Tika Chereka
Chance Tika Chance Tika

We adopted two dogs from MAGSR.  Chance (formerly Logan) in Sept 2017 and Tika (formerly Luna) in May 2019;  They are best buddies now!  Tika is especially good with our 11 GSD, Cherek; She is so gentle with him.

Posted: 10/22/2019
Izzy Everest
Izzy Izzy Everest Everest Izzy Izzy Everest Izzy Everest Everest Everest Izzy

Our butterscotch colored baby is named Isabelle, Izzy for short. Her personality is curious, always wants to be the center of attention and always wants to play no matter what time of day. She will play fetch for hours and still want more, of course with a small break in between. She is also a love bug and only wants to please.This girl when adopted had heartworms. She went through the fast kill like a champ and has been heartworm free for 2 years! Yay! 

Our white baby is Everest and her personality is very different from her sister, Izzy. She is a total love bug and wants to cuddle when ever possible. She tries to play but shes more interested in cuddling. She loves to steal socks from my piles of laundry when I'm doing laundry. She will get her spouts of energy and run like a maniac but will never live up to Izzys maniac charm. Everest when adopted was very skiddish of everything! However, it only took about 3 days to win a bit of trust. I say this girl has done such an amazing job with the 2 years we've had her. We have made huge progress desensitizing her with various things. When we first got her she was so scared to take a walk. She was afraid of trash cans, other people, kids; Not really comfortable being around anything that wasn't her safe spot. This past summer we tried getting her in the water but she would just watch Izzy and her neighbor Lizzy catch the ball. She did get in knee deep so I'd say that's progress!

We are so pleased with our addition and have YOU to thank! They are the most wonderful dogs and we are so blessed to have them. 

Posted: 09/27/2019

Thor (Adopted September 2018) has been such a joy seen he has been added into our family just a little over a year ago. He is one of the most loving dogs we have ever met. He is still hesitant when it comes to meeting strangers, but once he gets to know someone he will forever love you. 

Playing with his squeaky ball, and his sister are his favorite things to do. We are so grateful everyday for our sweet boy. 

Posted: 09/25/2019
Willow Willow

We rescued Willow back in 2017, and am very happy to report that she has been an absolute blessing.  Intelligent, kind, gentle, loving, and mischievous, she's everything we could want in a dog, and member of our family.  She just turned 5 in March, and still has the energy level of a puppy.  We can't thank MAGSR enough for what they've done for us, and what they do for GSDs in general.  The organization is a national treasure!

All the best,

Rush and Jennifer Filson 

Posted: 09/23/2019

Augie has made tremendous progress in the apartment and the neighborhood!  In the apartment he has gone from sitting in the crate to exploring all the rooms, sometimes he even sits in the bathroom with me when I'm getting ready.  He loves to snuggle on the couch and he rolls over for belly rubs.  He hasn't had any accidents or problems in the apt and he already knows our routine.  He still stays in the crate when I'm at work but for the first time this weekend I left him free in the apartment while I ran a few errands.  He did great, no problems.  He has also completed 3/6 training sessions and he's doing well with the other dogs and learning new commands.  He's really good at stopping & sitting before crossing the street.  He loves hot dogs and cheese for rewards.  He also learned sit and shake.  We are working on him waiting and allowing me to walk out the door before him, at home and at the training, he definitely wants to be first one out the door, so we'll keep working on it.  He is interested in cats but doesn't do anything, just curious.  He typically wants to avoid other dogs and go around them, so that makes it super easy to walk anywhere.  At the training he has sniffed some butts and allowed them to sniff his butt, so he's slowly engaging with other dogs.  

I'm so happy to be a part of giving the Georgia 38 doggies a normal, happy life away from the misery they experienced in GA.  Augie has some scars on his legs and I hate to think how he got them but now he's in a cozy apartment and he likes looking out the window, relaxing on pillows, and getting a rub down.  Considering I've only had him 5 weeks, it's amazing how much progress he's made and how much he's adjusted to our 'team work.'  We are besties for life.

Posted: 09/23/2019

I was interested in rescuing a GSD and started following MAGSR. I became intrigued with the pups they rescued from Georgia and kept following their stories. I decided I wanted to make a difference in one of their lives, so we went to two "meet and greets" I loved all of the pups that were there. On Easter we adopted Tilly!
MAGSR had provided her with so much love and patience, now it was our turn. Tilly is skittish, but has come a long way, she is earning our trust, she loves her crate and that is her safe place. She was already great with household noises like tv, phone, vacuum, fans, coo-coo clock and our cats.   She does well with other dogs and loves to go on walks. Tilly had to master laying on a dog bed and getting in and out of a car, we had to pick her up to put her in, she is now a pro!  We started out slow going to PetSmart and Lowes, now we drive to the beach, she gets excited when I start packing, she gets carsick most of the time, but she's getting better. Tilly is scared of some people and my sons, we are working on that by having my sons feed her dinner meal and dropping treats. When Tilly first came into our lives she was attached to me the majority of the time so she wouldn't hide in the corner or pace back and forth.
We keep in touch with her foster family and a special FB page just for these wonderful Georgia pups, that has helped me out tremendously when I had questions and to see all the other pups progress. Tilly has successfully completed Basic Obedience 1 training and we are starting Basic Obedience 2.  She is so smart and learns new commands or things in general quickly. We now have her off leash in the house and backyard. She is never outside by herself, she actually prefers to be inside.
Tilly's next goal is to learn to play with toys and other dogs.
I am so happy that we made the decision to make a difference in her life, to give her lots of love and patience so she can have a wonderful life! I love her so much! It's such a great feeling too!
If you have love and patience please consider adopting one of the remaining GA38STRONG pups.

Posted: 09/17/2019

We adopted Titan a year ago today and just want to let you know that he is now a lovely part of our pack. When we first took him in he was fearful and didn't want much to do with us or his soon to be canine friends. As time went on he learned that affection from his support humans is a good thing and playing with our other dogs is the best thing ever. His beautiful coat is now shiny and healthy though keeping the mats under control is a challenge. He went to obedience training and did very well and walks well on the leash.Titan does not think deer belong in our yard but is getting better at how he reacts to them. He also is learning to be more trusting of other humans. Floyd is our younger rescue mix who taught Titan that playing and running circles around the shed is fun and Karly our other older rescue mix chooses to lie next to Titan to comfort him. Even though we have decided that at times he should have been named Mayhem, Titan is definitely a loved and valued part of our family.

Thank you for rescuing him, Martha and George Schmidt and Karly and Floyd too!

Posted: 09/17/2019
Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Blue is a super loving and cuddly dog who loves car rides. Though still defensive at times with strangers, his humans are definitely his favorite people and he is getting much better is social situations. Also, squeaky toys are his FAVORITE toys, No doubt about it. 
-Chris Quaglia

Posted: 09/16/2019

We adopted Abby Glenn and have been calling her Abby since she joined our family. Abby has been a wonderful addition; she is curious, loving, easy to walk, and always "smiling". Even though she had so much to learn about being an inside dog, she is thriving. Abby loves other dogs and has learned so much about how to behave from watch her labrador brother. Some of Abby's favorite things to do are lean against us as we sit or stand around the house, pace to keep an eye on what's going on around the house, lie out in the sun, and cuddle with her cat brother. We have even brought a newborn baby home and Abby seems intrigued by her, barely alarmed by the change. We could never have imagined how adaptable and sweet this GA rescue would be!

Posted: 09/13/2019

Macklee aka Francis just returned from her first 'spa day" with the groomer. Our groomer told us she did terrific! She was curious, social and very well behaved!

We have always loved our groomer and knew our boy's love her but we were not sure how our girl would do. Roxy our groomer had no concerns about her, and in the end it worked out great!

Our girl just keeps surprising us and reminding us of why she was meant to be ours!