Success Stories

This is what we are all about. When we place a dog in a great home, everyone in the rescue is elated. Nothing feels better than helping our dogs on their journey to find a forever home where they can love and be loved.

We thank every one of our adoptive families for opening their hearts and homes to our dogs.

These are the most recent MAGSR Success Stories. Success Stories reported prior to 2016 can be found here.

Posted: 01/20/2019


Lager just celebrated his 5 year adoptiversary with us! He has blossomed into a much more confident, social, and playful dog over the years. His time in MAGSR inspired us to foster and Lager has welcomed 11 foster dogs and 1 foster kitten into our house. We adopted his brother Porter 2 years ago and he’s expecting his first human sibling in March. We’re so happy to have found him!

Posted: 01/19/2019
Manny (fka Manning)
Manny (fka Manning)


Manny has adapted well to our home.  His favorite thing seems to be running around the house as fast as he can in a great big circle.    When he is inside, he enjoys playing with our cat or he gets a dog toy out of his box and entertains us and himself with it.  He is a real joy to be around and we feel very fortunate to have him. 

Posted: 01/15/2019


We adopted Takoda in August 2018 and decided to keep his name, although we also use the nickname Tiki sometimes!  Takoda had his final heartworm injection on November 2nd so he is no longer under treatment restrictions and is living his best life as a 1.5 year old GSD!  When he first came home with us he didn’t know what to do with bones and toys, it took a few weeks to learn how to play.  His favorite things now are squeaky toys, frozen kongs stuffed with sweet potatoes, old t-shirts, and belly rubs.  We also learned on Sunday that he loves the snow!  He has been very easy to train and learned so much during his heartworm treatment restriction that he is skipping beginner and going straight to intermediate obedience classes beginning on Saturday.  We are grateful to MAGSR for rescuing him and guiding us through the heartworm process, now we get to look forward to many healthy years ahead!

Posted: 01/08/2019
Zena chillin'
Zena boatin'


Zena is a good companion dog, adaptable to road trips, boat outings, beach water play, strenuous hiking, quiet sunsets and watching rainstorms together, and going about normal household activities, willing to undertake whatever it takes to be with me.

Posted: 01/08/2019
Jack Shannon
Jack Shannon


We adopted our Jack Shannon in November of 2013.  He was our first ever rescue and we are so thankful we have him. He is the smartest German Shepherd we have ever had.   He is such a good boy and loves his family and tolerates the cat.  He never lets us out of his sight when we are home.  He loves to go for his walks and play ball in his yard.  He is also very tolerant of our grand daughter. He sits for treats when she tells him to and lets her listen to his heart when she is playing doctor. 

Thank you MAGSR. 
Tim and Jody Witek

Posted: 01/06/2019


My daughter reading to Shelby after having tumor removed, Shelby and Lucy spending quality time together, My son walking Shelby, Queen Shelby looking very royal, and snuggling on the couch.

Posted: 01/02/2019


We adopted Jack (we kept his MAGSR name) in June 2018 when he was about 2 years old.  He is a wonderful dog and has been such a good boy.  He has a sweet and playful personality and loves to chase his ball and play tug of war.  He loves his toys, is good with children and keeps our African Grey parrot company during the daytime.   Thank you MAGSR and his foster parents, Will and Kate,  for preparing him to be part of our family.  We love Jack very much.   Happy New Year!   


Trish, Yong, Ethan, Ella and Jack.  

Posted: 01/02/2019



I am in love with my rescue formally Sire now Khan.  We had a rough start.  Major thanks to Human Domain in owing mills, without them I honestly don’t know if we would have ever been able to communicate with Kahn.  2 hours changed both our lives.

He is my best friend.  Shout out to DrMacFarland at Cape Horn Veterinary Clinic in Red Lion PA.  He ended up having major Allergies, now under control with diet and meds. She had everything under control in 72 hours.  Wish I had know about her before!

We play ball every day as he is high energy.  Long walks and river time, he loves the water! He is funny, loving and silly:) sleeps with me every night.  No crate just a big human bed!  Best snuggler  I’ve ever had.

He has never been crated, we did have to remove all the down cushions and bedding, fetish thing we think!  Lol.  Nothing like coming home after 2 hours to a white wonderland.  He was very happy to show us and his handiwork!!!

He came to us a little on the skinny side and he has grown into a beautiful handsome brown eyed man.

We can’t possibly thank you enough for choosing us for his forever home.  Truly a case of who saved who.


Tom and Melissa Harris

Posted: 01/02/2019


Hello, MAGSR!

Say hello to Harley (Maize). 

As you can see, she is part of our family now. Her best friend is Jaxon, another German Shepherd rescue puppy. 

Dakota, the old boy above, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Harley is approx 4 yrs old now, she loves her toys and bones, and plays with Jaxon incessantly. 


Posted: 12/28/2018
Max Max Max Max


Max has adjusted great. He is now fully potty trained with no accidents. He sleeps with his human mommy and daddy. He loves to cuddle at night. Max gets a little mischievous when no one is watching and he thinks he can get away with it. He stole a whole pizza off the counter one night OOPS.

Max loves his adopted sister Sadie so much. They run through the house all day and night playing together. When they nap they nap together. Sadie use to be much bigger than Max but Max has quickly flew past her. Max still thinks he is a lap dog though. He gets a little cranky when he gets sleepy and wants his naps. He loves his toys and playing ball. He isn't a huge fan of baths but loves to be dirty.  Our family is so much happier with MAX in it.


Posted: 12/28/2018
Rio Rio


We adopted Rio on March 19 2017.  Rio is an amazing dog and is perfect for our family.  He was definitely meant to be in a family with small kids.  He is gentle and protective of his “little people”.  After training at Sit Means Sit he does awesome on and off leash.  

Posted: 12/25/2018
 Here is Delilah with our daughter (her fav human) playing in the backyard.  Delilah playing in the snow. Delilah thinking she is a small dog and looking out the window. Delilah waiting for the tennis ball to be thrown (she loves the tennis ball!) Delilah waiting again for the tennis ball with her puppy brother.


We adopted our puppy, Delilah, in March at 8 weeks old. She has grow into a lovely lady and we just love her to pieces.

She forgets how big she is and loves to snuggle on your lap. 

She loves being with her family whether is a quick car ride or a trip to the beach.

Thank you for bringing us to our girl! 

Posted: 12/22/2018
Nashville Nashville Nashville


We adopted Nashville (FKA Zoey) in January of 2016, She has developed into quite a character who loves everyone including her fur sibling sister and loves swimming, playing ball and eating, LOL!  And, we are happy to say, she did grow into those ears!


Debbie Thompson

Posted: 12/21/2018
Lukie & Riley


We adopted Riley May 25, 2015. He was infested with mange and has still has serious skin allergies. He is a sweet boy, very active and lives a nice life on the water in St. Michaels with his little brother Lucas. Riley prefers tennis balls to anything else, but loves to go down on the beach with his Mom and help find oysters! In summer, he prefers lounging in the swimming pool. He is 5 ½ years old and weighs 85 lbs. now.

Lucas is a tri-pawed mixed pup, who was also infested with mange at first, but which is all cleared up now (with exception of a few remaining small scars on his snout). Picture is of when he first arrived to us Oct. 7 2015. He had a little malformed wing where the leg should have been, and once it was removed, all was better. He is 3 ½ now and weighs 65 lbs.  Lucas runs amazingly fast, and loves to chase and herd his big brother. He really rules the roost! He also does love to chase our squirrels but the squirrels never seem to be too worried about him. Our challenge will be keeping weight off of him so that his legs don’t get over stressed.

We appreciate all that the good folks at MAGSR do and hope to continue to support you!

Posted: 12/21/2018
Karma Karma Karma Karma


Karma was adopted from MAGSR in August of 2016 at about age 3 and a half. She has since settled in very nicely. She aims to please, play and go wherever I go. I take her on car rides when the setting permits. She jumps right in the car excited for every little adventure. Karma is very well behaved and gets full range of the house while I am at work. Karma is now about 5 years old and I am so happy that I adopted her. She constantly makes me laugh with her quirky personality and goofy traits. Next Summer I am planning to teach her how to sit on a large kayak with me while I paddle. I anticipate a lot of goofiness and laughs before we get it down, but I have a hunch she'll be able to figure it out. Karma has also helped foster about 6 dogs from Lab Rescue which she enjoys since there's extra play time! We have bonded very well over the last year and a half. She has become good friends with my parent's two (Doe- black Lab and Dusty- Dachshund/Beagle). Last Christmas Doe crossed the rainbow bridge and since then Karma and dusty have become two peas in a pod. Dusty feels like she has a pal and someone that has her back, which is wonderful. In Dusty's eyes, Karma is the "muscle" and Dusty is the "talk."  I am so thankful for MAGSR bringing us together. I needed Karma and she needed me and apparently so did Dusty. 


Ellen Martin

Posted: 12/20/2018
Maximus (FKA Chase)
Maximus (FKA Chase)


Few update pics from Maximus (FKA Chase) attached from when he became a "big brother" a few weeks ago. He has done wonderfully in his new role and never leaves "his" baby's side, he's with her at all times.

Bill and Megan

Posted: 12/20/2018
Vivo Vivo Vivo


Vivo is a sweet boy, he loves to be hugged and to sleep on my lap.  He is also, an energizer puppy.  The love of his life is a loud squicky blue ball, which he loves chasing.  

Vivo is a great car traveler and hiker.  When hiking, Vivo is learning to stay on the path, when to lead, and when to follow.  I am also working on camping with him, we have done a few backyard camping trips to pepper for future overnight hikes. Off leash he does his best to obey commands but mostly wants to play.  

We do visit local dog parks, such as the Maryland City Dog Park, Quiet Waters Dog Park &  Beach, to include some of the local military base beaches.  It does take him some time to warm up to the other dogs but after a while, he enjoys chasing and playing. He is not a fan of the water but on hot days he does enjoy a swim in his little yellow dog vest. 

I have been complimented multiple times on his looks to include how well he behaves.   

Posted: 12/17/2018


Jackson is doing great in his new home!  He loves going for walks, playing outside, riding in the car and spending time with Kristen.  He has brought much happiness to our family.  He is always ready for Christmas and has even visited Santa.

Posted: 12/15/2018


I adopted Xena (AKA Xena Beena) Aug 7 and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  She is such a blessing.  She's really come out of her shell and makes me laugh all the time.  We call her wild woman when she gets her crazy period and tears through the house and yard.  She loves to go for walks and rides, especially when we go see grandma and grandpa.  She also loves to play with her toys (and her bone), and really likes un-stuffing them.  She found her FUR-EVER home!  I can't imagine life without her.

Posted: 12/14/2018
Remington Remington Remington Remington Remington


Remington (fka Tank)