Success Stories

This is what we are all about. When we place a dog in a great home, everyone in the rescue is elated. Nothing feels better than helping our dogs on their journey to find a forever home where they can love and be loved.

We thank every one of our adoptive families for opening their hearts and homes to our dogs.

These are the most recent MAGSR Success Stories. Success Stories reported prior to 2016 can be found here.

Posted: 06/09/2021
Cora on Gotcha Day
Cora growing up Cora growing up Cora growing up Cora growing up Cora growing up

Cora's "Pup-date":  Cora came to us malnourished, lice-ridden, and on medications for a few different things. Through her first few weeks with us, we learned she had a fractured jaw and had contracted kennel cough. Despite her rough start, none of this seemed to phase her--constantly romping around and enjoying playing with her toys. Her personality really shined through once she was feeling 100% and we've been trying to keep up with her since. She's incredibly smart with an appetite to learn (especially if food's involved)! She recently (finally) learned how to go up the stairs and has been losing her baby teeth left and right. She gets along well with both of her "aunties"--both are older labs and very tolerant to her rambunctious antics. She's well on her way to being a well-mannered pup! Looking back on where she started and how far she's come, we're overjoyed with her progress and couldn't imagine our life pre-Cora. 

Attached some photos of Cora, one is on "Gotcha Day" and the rest are pretty recent—you can really see the difference! 

Posted: 06/07/2021

Kumba (known as Myna at the time of adoption - MAGSR Tag #: 6941) has been adapting well to our family. She loves morning and afternoon walks as well as play sessions with us and with dog friends in the neighborhood. She has met our friends and family and loves seeing them. She has also made two really good dog friends and loves running and playing with them, at least once a week. Kumba recently graduated from basic obedience training as the top dog of her class (scored 148/160 in final exam). We have to say Brandy did an amazing job while she took care of Kumba before we adopted her so foundations of commands were already strong --  Thank YOU, Brandy!! This week she’ll be starting a basic course for agility. We’ll keep you posted too!

Kumba already loves going camping and loves running on the beach, though she is not too happy getting too close to the water 😉 Our family loves Kumba and are very grateful for MAGSR trusting us with the adoption. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Posted: 05/17/2021
Nap time.
Dolly and Lucky, who we found on the side of the road coming home from Ocean City. He was about 3 weeks old. Dolly and her favorite toy.

Just a few pics of Dolly living her life with her forever family.

Posted: 05/13/2021
Ryker Ryker Ryker Ryker

Ryker is now 6.5 months old and is doing well. His one ear still doesn't stand upright but so far the other dogs haven't made fun of him for that.

He loves playing with his dog sister Cadi.

Posted: 05/12/2021

It is hard to believe it has been a year since Leona and I adopted one another. I don't want to bury the lead though: Leona's peace and happiness just would not have been possible without her MAGSR team including her wonderful foster family, and so for those of you who think or wonder about Leona, I want to assure you she is experiencing and sharing joy widely these days! 

Ever since being adopted in May 2020, Leona has enjoyed many adventures - beach, bay, mountains, and woods among them -  but above all, her favorite place continues to be home and her favorite company continues to be her family. While Leona gets plenty of practice socializing, she does pick favorites (this will not come as a surprise to those who have met her!) Gradually, she has been welcoming more humans and furies into her definition of family. She's a pack gal, but she's gradually graced more of us with the depth and strength of her bond. 

As a MAGSR rescue and GA38 survivor, Leona has challenges (don't we all?!) and she and her human are life-long learners, committed to putting in the work and growing together. That being said - Leona has come a LONG way. She increasingly meets triggers and challenges with heightened confidence, calm, and grace. This is in part because of the strong bond we have, which we have many to thank for cultivating - including our two and four-legged friends and teachers at Arrowwood Shepherds. 

For those of you who knew Leona - the diva gal - the Houdini-dog - the mischief maker - fear not, her sparkle and sass have not been dimmed! However, when you see her again I hope you experience the joy I do in her more joyful demeanor, her more liberal tail wags, her unbridled enthusiasm for rolling in anything and everything, and the hopefulness that lives in her eyes where fear and mistrust used to frequent. I hope you get to see it in person soon! 

Immense and sustained gratitude to  all those from MAGSR whose patience, compassion, and dedication helped Leona find peace, joy, and security in her forever home!  

Posted: 03/15/2021

We adopted Dakota (MAGSR name Aba) in August 2018 and cannot imagine our lives without her! We have bonded so much.

Dakota came to us as a very timid and quiet puppy and that continues to be her personality for which we love her immensely. She did gain a lot of confidence through AKC Basic Obedience training and, later on, AKC Canine Good Citizen.

She continues to blossom into a very happy, well-behaved, and obedient dog with more recall training and heal training that we try to keep up on a daily basis. She enjoys road running (up to five miles long) and trail running (hoping to stretch it out to longer distances on the trail) and knows when her running partner is getting ready to go for a run. Dakota immediately sits right in front and looks straight in the eyes, as if to ask, “Am I going? I’m ready! Pick me!” Even if she is tired and spent from a morning run, Dakota will perk up at the word "run” or “ready” a few hours later and will never pass an opportunity to go outside.

Dakota overcame a huge fear of lawnmowers. Although fear of loud noises (thunderstorms, fire crackers, gun shots, etc.) continues to terrify her, she learned that when we are near to give her a squeeze and a firm pat on her side, she is going to be okay. Her crate continues to be her safest place, she prefers to be in her locked crate when experiencing bouts of fear.

As timid as she can be, Dakota never fails to alert us of clear and present danger. She will growl and give a couple of warning barks at someone approaching with a big walking stick or an otherwise big object being carried in a particularly menacing way. However, she is able to de-escalate quickly upon command and a re-affirmation of “non-existent danger”.

Dakota is great with kids. She learned her place on our family's totem pole and now listens to even our youngest, seven-year-old daughter, especially when watched closely. However, sometimes Dakota does get out of line and might treat her youngest human sibling as an equal pup but that happens less and less now.

Dakota is friendly with other dogs and has occasional play-dates with her dog-neighbors.

We could not be happier with Dakota and we’re pretty sure she is in the same place. Looking forward to many more years of continued bonding and happiness! Thank you, MAGSR, for putting Dakota in our lives and hearts!

Posted: 03/15/2021

Here's a quick update on Takoda who we adopted in August 2018.  We moved last year and he's really enjoying all of the hikes that he gets to go on at the new house, and having us home through the pandemic.  His favorite things are belly rubs and his toy football.  His least favorite things are foxes.

Posted: 03/09/2021

Hazel turns heads everywhere we go. Anyone who speaks to us says she's beautiful. You'll notice the irony of the contradiction between her name and the color of her coat: silver. Her human didn't realize how especially beautiful and unique she looked, getting too busy getting attached to the dog inside, so the name stuck and even feels perfect now. When you get to meet her, you see how beautifully complex her personality is. She's brave, energetic, fearful, playful, powerful, obedient, naughty, and so much more. She is the dog you want by your side when you are in a dark alley or taking a walk in the woods. She bolts, and comes right back with a huge smile when you call her name and she trusts you. She's also the perfect house dog, with phenomenal manners and respect for everyone's space and things. No one could ask for a better forever companion.

Posted: 02/15/2021

I wanted to give an update on Luna and provide some photos from the past 3+ months.  She's been doing great!  I truly feel very lucky to be a dad to such a great companion.  She loves her toys, especially playing tug-of-war and fetching the tennis ball (or at least, running to it.  She still has to learn how to bring it back).  Luna gets along great with any dog and anyone.  Every time we pass someone on a walk, she tucks her ears back, wags her butt, and is eager to meet them, but gets sad when people don't say hi.  Luna's met a bunch of friends in our building and plays with them at least once a week.  She sleeps most of the day, and is eager to run around in the early evening - she'll get the occasional "zoomies" and sprint around the apartment a few times.  And I think snow is her natural habitat, because she can't get enough of it - she's still learning how to catch the snowballs in her mouth.  Overall, Luna is making herself right at home!

Posted: 02/14/2021
Blue Blue Blue Blue

It’s been a little over two years since we adopted Blue (previously named Strax). He has been the sweetest dog since the day we brought him home. He is absolutely a gentle giant. He loves everyone he meets, especially children. He loves to be with us, whatever we are doing and is always by our side. Blue loves camping, golf cart rides and belly rubs. We love that he knows he’s with his forever family and in his forever home.

Posted: 02/13/2021
Jinx Jinx Jinx

Jinx definitely zooms around a lot more than initially and definitely more connected to me. She's come to enjoy car rides and finally understands how stairs work. She's up at a healthy weight and is either napping or running around the house with me. She's definitely not a guard dog by any means but she's still just starting to find her voice so we'll see what the future holds! She also loves eating snow, ice, and anything crunchy so while she's very good about treats and food and being gentle with all sorts of things, she WILL steal lettuce from you, be warned haha.

Posted: 02/12/2021
Boomer Boomer Boomer Boomer Boomer

Here are some pictures of our Boomer!

Posted: 02/12/2021

Lola Lola

We adopted Lola in March of 2020. What a pleasure she is to have️ Don’t know what we would do without her! She’s very energetic, happy, playful, loving dog! She’s very accepting of other people as long as l accept/welcome them. Once you’re in she loves you. She works very well with my reaction to people! Other than that she is a GREAT watch dog! She’s great with other dogs after the introduction! She really is AWESOME ️️

Posted: 02/12/2021
Jaycee at 8 weeks

Jaycee is thriving!  I have her enrolled in obedience training and she is doing well!  She enjoys playing fetch with her balls and likes playing keep away more!   She is fast fast!  Darn stinker won't let me catch her...I gotta get sneaky if I want to steal that ball!  She loves being outdoors so she can run.  She has a really large backyard for that!

When we first adopted her, she was almost 15 lbs and slightly underweight.  Yesterday, she was 46 lbs and she is growing fast!  

Posted: 02/12/2021
Ruby Ruby

Ruby has adjusted very well to our household. She gets along wonderfully with our other dog, Ovi and our two small children.

She was Heartworm positive when we adopted her. We are overjoyed that as of 2/5/21, she has completed her Heartworm treatment and is now Heartworm negative!! She’s been cleared to play and exercise. 

Ruby has loved all of the snow we’ve had. She loves to jump into piles of it and sled with the kids. 

Posted: 02/11/2021
Jasper Jasper Jasper

Greetings from Colorado! Jasper is my wonderful baby and he has really bonded with me. I absolutely love him, and we are continuing to have a trainer come over to work with us.

He's doing great and is settling into his new home.nicely.  His next training session is this Monday. The cats have been a challenge, but he is getting better slowly.  With patience and consistency I think it's going to work out fine.

He's a big personality and is growing into his own, which is good. I think he's feeling more and more at home and has started barking in the backyard as a watch dog. He's a character for sure.  The other day he had a big black kong toy in his mouth and started barking with it and the kong muffled out his bark. I started cracking up -- it was funny.  I'm glad we chose to keep him and have the trainer coming over again tomorrow.

He is really looking good and his coat is very shiny. We are walking him and the other dogs often and he's doing well with that, too. 

Posted: 02/11/2021

She's doing well and now has taken on a mom roll!  We had to put down both our boys last year which was heartbreaking, but she persevered. Now she has a little one to take care of. 

Posted: 02/01/2021

Socks is enjoying his house with two young boys and a cat. The cat bosses him around, but that’s okay. He loves his yard and playing in the snow!

Posted: 01/13/2021
Casen Casen Casen Casen Casen

Casen has been with us since Oct 2020. He has been settling in nicely with us. He loves to go on walks, drop toys on mom's laptop when she's working, play rough with Dad, and play with his sister! He also loves snuggles and getting his ears scratched! He doesn't like other dogs, but he loves watching and playing with the neighborhood kids! 

Posted: 01/10/2021
Buddy Buddy

Wonderful Buddy has been with us since October, 2020 and we are totally in love with him.  He is full of adorable puppy energy and is as smart as any GSD we have had.  Even though it turns out he is half Husky.  He's a friendly player at doggie day camp, swims. and is learning agility, and soon he may be doing the cooking and cleaning.  Thank you MAGSR for our amazing Buddy.