Success Stories

This is what we are all about. When we place a dog in a great home, everyone in the rescue is elated. Nothing feels better than helping our dogs on their journey to find a forever home where they can love and be loved.

We thank every one of our adoptive families for opening their hearts and homes to our dogs.

These are the most recent MAGSR Success Stories. Success Stories reported prior to 2016 can be found here.

Posted: 12/13/2018


Nikia (shortened to Kia) became a member of our family in April 2018 and has fit in perfectly.  She is truly such a blessing.  She is such a loving, sweet and well behaved girl!  She follows her daddy around all the time and gets along great with all three of our little girls.  She enjoys playing outside, waiting at the bus stop, and doing a whole lot of sleeping.  She's our "fluffy bear" and we love her very much!

Posted: 12/12/2018


A little over a year ago, we met this very calm, very laid back, very friendly MAGSR pup named Kimbra. She was our second or third foster. It didn’t take long for her to become foster fail #1. Kimbra runs on Kimbra time which a little slower paced than most. She will do most any command you ask of her, but she’s going to make sure you know she’ll do it at her pace. At obedience training, we had to slightly adjust the time allowed to complete the commands. She enjoyed her leisurely lifestyle and got along fairly well with a string of awesome fosters whose path crossed through our home….just as long as they knew she was the alpha. She absolutely loved Olaf, Windsor, Berl (Bacon) and Ralph from day one. The others…well she agreed to tolerate them.

   Then one day last August, this little tornado showed up at her house and things got exciting. Axel had found his forever home after I had walked him for about five minutes at the MAGSR kennel. Axel does everything like his hair is on fire. He is a very good listener and does excellent with off-leash voice commands…Kimbra not so much, after she gets about 25 yards away, she apparently goes deaf….which has made for some interesting unscheduled field trips, especially at the beach. Kimbra was initially wary of this hyper little ball of energy, but his charm and playfulness won her over and she actually began playing with him….all day long and for as long as we can tolerant them at night. They are now best of buds.

   Axels loves to be as close as possible to his humans and his Kimbra. Kimbra on the other hand likes to be close but a little distance suits her better. This seems to amuse Axel a great deal as he will lay down next to her with some body part touching her and she will then have to move enough to create some space between them…which forces Axel to move to regain physical contact…and so it continues until one of them concedes to the other.

   They are inseparable. I don’t believe Kimbra likes to admit it, but I think she really likes him. She will even initiate play time, which she never did with any of the other pups that stayed here. Personality-wise they are polar opposites, but they look to each other for everything they do. These two are an amazing part of our pack and I couldn't imagine our home without them. Thanks MAGSR for adding them to our lives!


Dave, Kathy, Kimbra and Axel

Posted: 12/12/2018


Nala is doing so well here in her New Home, She like toys and treats and some times one of my shoe’s lol   , She gives big kisses  and snuggles , She loves lazy days when we are all laying around , She loves the freedom of the yard , walks on the leash , Ans all the deer’s she can see and smell on our wooded property  . We feel like she has always been here with us . She has made a friend with our smaller dog Sandy they play and run together .We thank everyone involved  in this adoption , We could not have asked for better treatment and a better Dog .


Posted: 12/11/2018
Remi (fka Avery)
Remi (fka Avery) Remi (fka Avery) Remi (fka Avery) Remi (fka Avery)


This is Remi formerly known as Avery.

She is the best dog ever! So affectionate and smart. Her favorite thing is to snuggle with her mommy or daddy, but mostly mommy, on our giant bean bag. She’s still trying to figure out her kitty cat brother but with time they will be best friends. Remi loves to go for walks and meet everyone with a wagging tail and a friendly lick.

We thank MAGSR so much for rescuing her and letting us adopt her!

P.S.- we would LOVE to see how her siblings are growing!

Posted: 12/11/2018


We adopted "Action JAXSON" from MAGSR 6 months ago, he has been a great addition to our family. He can be a little clumsy; because he doesn't realize how big he is (106 lbs to be exact).

He is very loyal and obedient, house trained and most of all he loves to play with his rubber squeaky balls and toy bones. 

He enjoys walking regardless of the weather and he is my shadow while I am in the house, following me everywhere.

Julia S. Banks

Posted: 12/11/2018
Titan, Floyd & Karly
Titan & Floyd


Titan has been with us 3 months now and has become a big fluffy teddy bear who is playful and loving. He loves the other 2 dogs in our pack and can play non-stop with Floyd if we let him. He respects our 12 year old Karly and gives her her space.

Titan is very good inside the house. He loves playing with a ball in our back yard and enjoys his walks.

Arrowwood Shepherd training with Wes has been very beneficial. Titan now walks very well on a loose leash and obeys many commands. The only thing we need to work on is barking at our guests and training is helping with that.

We love Titan dearly and are so happy to have him as part of our pack and are working on training  him to be even more wonderful than he already is !

Thank you, Martha and George, Floyd and Karly

Posted: 12/11/2018
Mom! Time to play!!!


We adopted our crazy Kona girl on August 2017. She is an awesome addition to our family! Lots of fun, super smart, loves to learn, loves to snuggle, and is very vocal. Attached is a recent pic!

Posted: 12/11/2018
Baker and his crew
Baker Baker and his crew Baker Baker and his crew Baker and his crew Baker and his crew Baker


We are so thrilled to have Baker as part of our family.  He has settled in fabulously and is happily playing with his brother and sister.  

We enjoy seeing him continuing to come out of his shell and show his personality (and every now and then even his voice).  It turns out he loves the snow, chicken, morning hellos, hikes and rear end scratches.  He follows commands, comes when he’s called, is happy to sit and shake and has the paw wiping ritual down pat.  

We’re looking forward to celebrating our first Christmas with him and watching him open his stocking.  

Happy holidays.  

Posted: 12/10/2018


My husband and I adopted Arrow last November 2017. Since then Arrow has learned simple commands, but mainly we have truly seen his character come out in the best way. He is a playful energetic pup.

He loves playing with our other GSD Myla and they love to chase squirrels in the yard and chase each other. Furthermore we have done more research on Trip-paw dog care and have been persistent in insuring he is exercising but not wearing himself out in the summer months and year round.

Overall he is living his best dog life and we look forward to many more years with him. 

Posted: 12/10/2018


Sterling is living his best life!

He enjoys long walks and loves car rides. So much so that we had to get goofy doggy goggles to protect his eyes when he sticks his head out the window.  He is spoiled with endless toys and loves to chase tennis balls. His favorite toy is an orange squeaky ball that no longer squeaks and is torn in half.  He loves meeting new people. 

Posted: 12/09/2018
Willow Willow Willow


I adopted Willow in August 2017. We celebrated her 1st Gotcha Day in August and her 2nd birthday in October. Her favorite toys include her Planet Dog Orbee ball and Jolly ball. She also enjoys her dog puzzles, chewing on antlers, and running laps in her newly fenced backyard. Willow spent a lot of time this past summer swimming at her grandparent’s pool with their two dogs. She also got a feline sister this past spring when the neighborhood outdoor cat decided to move in. I plan to do additional training with her this spring and summer. She brings so much joy to my life and I can’t imagine my life without her.

Posted: 12/09/2018
Elke Elke Elke


We are so pleased with our MAGSR Alum, Elke a Dutch Shepherd.  We adopted her in October 2017 and it’s been a wonderful year of training, playing fetch and simply enjoying her love of life.  She’s been on camping trips, visited the grandparents at the lake and in general goes everywhere with us.  She is our protector especially keeping us safe from squirrels and has been very accommodating of our fosters dogs.  She is an all around fabulous dog! Thanks for bringing her into our lives.

Posted: 12/09/2018


I just wanted to tell you how much we love Thor. We adopted him September 9th 2018, and he has quickly become an irreplaceable part of this family. We are very proud to announce he has passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen exam, and continues to flourish. We are so thankful to have him in our lives, and are so glad we found MAGSR when we did! 


Posted: 12/09/2018


We previously rescued another German Shepherd named Rocky from a shelter. He lived a full life and was a wonderful dog; more importantly a family member. When we lost him we didn’t think we would ever adopt again. Losing Rocky was so painful.

Then one of your volunteers, Marie Wauters, recommended we look at Riley. We made an appt to look at a few dogs. However, we met Riley first and looked no further.  The connection was undeniable. We did the paperwork and she jumped right in the truck ready for the one hour plus drive home. She never wined or paced or did any of the things we expected.  She came right into our home and laid on her bed like she knew it was waiting for her. We have never had to crate her...not once. It is uncanny how she walked into our lives like she had always been here. We love her more than words can express. My husband is retired and is fortunate enough to share his days with her. I do get evenings and weekends. ️  She loves to go for rides and is such an important part of our lives. She has brought so much joy to our lives. She has also taught us that the pain we feel when our fur-babies cross the rainbow bridge is worth it for the amazing bond we share. We know how much it means to these animals to find a loving forever home. 

Thank you for all that your organization does to take care of them and to find them not just any home but the right one....the one best suited for both the dog and the owner(s).

Posted: 12/09/2018
Lady Lady


Lady will have been with us for 2 years this Feb. She is an amazing dog, who loves Catherine (my 8 year old daughter) and treats her like a sister. She now also lives with a two year chocolate lab, and loves nothing more than to run into the river to swim and play.

Posted: 12/08/2018


We adopted Sheba 4 years ago. She is the light of our lives. She has been through some adventures including moving from Virginia to Northern Michigan and suffering a broken leg in the spring.

Posted: 12/08/2018


Luna NKA Piper loves to go camping with her mom, dad and brother. Her brother was adopted from you guys 6 years ago, Garret NKA Diesel. 

Posted: 12/07/2018
Stark babysitting his little brother
Stark Stark Stark


Our sweet boy Stark (MAGSR name: Dino) is doing well! He was recently promoted to Big Brother and takes the role very seriously.

He is very patient and attentive to the new baby.

We’re so glad Stark chose us 2 years ago. We couldn't be a happier family!


Happy Holidays!

The DeManss Family

Posted: 12/07/2018
My wife Sarah and I on a hike up in PA. Loki carried his own food and water and had a blast!
Loki on an average summer day at work after taking a mud bath. He seems to think it is good for his skin because he does it every day, and if I hose him off he immediately goes and gets muddy again! Loki runs everywhere. He also like trying to catch butterflies and can easily amuse himself scaring up bugs and leaping into the air trying to eat them. Loki at the lake. Glamour shot!


Loki is a farm dog. We adopted him on March 5, 2017.

He loves running, chasing butterflies, getting muddy, getting hosed off, running more, and rain or shine or snowstorm he always wants to be outside with me. I work out in a vineyard with 20 acres surrounded by 12 foot high deer fence. He has free reign to go wherever he wants.

Short description of the photos.

My wife Sarah and I on a hike up in PA. Loki carried his own food and water and had a blast!

Loki on an average summer day at work after taking a mud bath. He seems to think it is good for his skin because he does it every day, and if I hose him off he immediately goes and gets muddy again!

Loki runs everywhere. He also like trying to catch butterflies and can easily amuse himself scaring up bugs and leaping into the air trying to eat them.

Loki at the lake. Glamour shot!


Posted: 12/07/2018
Chauncey Chauncey & Bella Chauncey & Bella Chauncey & his bro


We adopted Chauncey in July of this year.  At the time, Bella (our other dog, a GSD/Mastiff mix) was just over a year old, and we felt like she needed a partner in crime.  Chauncey has blended in with our family and friends seamlessly.  He and Bella are the best of friends - they love going out and running around the yard together, and playing tug in the house.  

Chauncey loves the kids, and has taken to sleeping in their rooms.  Our younger son actually sleeps better with him in the room - he told us when has a bad dream, "I wake up and pat Chauncey, and it makes me feel better so I can go back to sleep."  

We like having family and friends over, and he has charmed all of them.  He loves a good tummy rub, and as it is getting colder he seems to enjoy lying next to the fire. He is an incredibly sweet soul, and his favorite thing aside from playing with his sister is snuggling with his people. Bella can be a bit bossy, and Chauncey is very tolerant of her whims - he knows when he can sneak in snuggles and treats of his own.  He is really smart, and very easy to train.  We cannot fathom that anyone would ever give him up, but we feel very lucky that he came into our lives.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family, and we feel so lucky to be able to give him a forever home.  

Thank you to MAGSR - you all were spot on in your recommendation, and it has been great to work with you all through the adoption!


Bob, Kari, Emmett and Conrad Stuntz