Success Stories

This is what we are all about. When we place a dog in a great home, everyone in the rescue is elated. Nothing feels better than helping our dogs on their journey to find a forever home where they can love and be loved.

We thank every one of our adoptive families for opening their hearts and homes to our dogs.

These are the most recent MAGSR Success Stories. Success Stories reported prior to 2016 can be found here.

Posted: 06/13/2020
Leona Leona Leona

Hello MAGSR! 

I wanted to provide an update on lovely Leona....

It is hard to believe it has been shy of  one month - Leona is already Family, no doubt about it. The last few weeks have been an adventure full of laughs and learning (mostly the human is learning!) 

Leona has made new fur friends, and enjoyed connecting with old MAGSR friends at Arrowhead Shepherds where she takes her human on Saturdays. Whether in the woods, mountains or meadow, Leona is happiest in the great outdoors, as is her human, so we are two peas in a pod. 

The biggest thank you to  all those from MAGSR who showed Leona patience, compassion and love during her journey thus far. I’m so grateful we found each other. We look forward to staying in touch ! 

Leona & Nikki 

Posted: 06/08/2020

Midnight is having her best life in her forever home, with her forever family.

Posted: 05/29/2020
Niner Niner Niner Niner Niner Niner

Niner has been the most amazing companion we could ever ask for! She has settled in perfectly and is right at home with us. Niner loves running around in her backyard chasing the birds and is excellent at fetch and retrieve. She also is obsessed over any toys that squeak! When we first got her, she was extremely timid around new people but she had improved tremendously and is not afraid of new people anymore. She knows that she is safe is loved. We took her to the beach for the first time last weekend and found out she loves the water! We couldn’t imagine our lives without her️

Posted: 05/17/2020
Zeus Athena

It’s hard to believe that we have had Zeus and Athena for well over a year now.  Zeus and Athena are thriving and are well adjusted.  Athena loves playing with her football and Zeus is a Frisbee catcher.  They are a bonded pair but they no longer get stressed if they aren’t in each other’s sight.  And just like any other siblings they have their squabbles.  Athena rules the roost with an iron paw.  She is definitely the alpha in their relationship.  Her toys are her toys and his toys are also hers! 

They are very much loved by our family.  They are protective.  Athena is less reserved and is willing to meet new people.  It takes Zeus awhile to be comfortable with strangers in the house.  Thank you MAGSR for letting us adopt these two beautiful family members!

Posted: 05/17/2020

Vivo is a sweet boy, he loves to be hugged and to sleep on my lap.  He is also, an energizer puppy.  The love of his life is a loud squicky blue ball, which he loves chasing.  

Vivo is a great car traveler and hiker.  When hiking, Vivo is learning to stay on the path, when to lead, and when to follow.  I am also working on camping with him, we have done a few backyard camping trips to pepper for future overnight hikes. Off-leash he does his best to obey commands but mostly wants to play.  

We do visit local dog parks, such as the Quiet Waters Dog Park &  Beach, Ellsworth Dog Park, to include some of the local military base beaches.  It does take him some time to warm up to the other dogs but after a while, he enjoys chasing and playing. I hope to get him out on the water this year if all goes to plan and this virus stuff is done with.

I have been complimented multiple times on his looks to include how well he behaves.   

Posted: 05/14/2020

Hello MAGSR Family,

This is Bentley (adopted March 2019)! I’m not sure what’s going on in the world, but having my family home all the time has been awesome! I’m happy in my home and with a family that shows me love. I have lots of bones to chew, toys to play with, and comfy beds to sleep on. My human mom and brother bake me yummy biscuits and in a few weeks, I’m going to have a birthday party! I’ve fully recovered from my big surgery last year and I don’t seem to mind that my wrist doesn’t quite bend like the other one. I still love to run through the yard and chase tennis balls and Frisbees (although the Frisbees aren’t the same afterwards). One of my favorite things to do is ride in the car. Last summer, we drove all the way to the beach and I got to play in the ocean. At night, I go upstairs to put my human brother and sisters to bed. I lay outside their doors or on the stairs for a while to make sure they stay in bed. My dog brother passed away a few months ago and I still miss having him around. My family loves dogs, so I think I may get a new dog sibling someday. For now, I’ll enjoy being the only dog and getting ALL the belly rubs and treats!

Posted: 05/14/2020

Our Samson boy was adopted in June of 2018.  Samson settled nicely in our home and quickly became a part of our family.  Samson is smart and sweet and sometimes a little mischievous, but he is a good boy. He loves walks and spending time outside, but mostly he likes to nap along with his brother Rocky. When we have other dogs visit he greets them with much enthusiasm and he is always ready to play. We can't imagine our lives without Samson. We are so happy we rescued him and gave him the home and family he deserves. 

Posted: 05/14/2020

Hi this is Trudi here (although my silly Mommy and Daddy sometimes call me Trudi Love or Baby Love). I cannot believe that is it coming up on a year that I have been in my Furever home my loving parents. Wow what an adventure it has been! I have so much to share, so I apologize for this being so long, but I have been quiet for so long and I am finally comfortable to share with everyone.

First of all, I want to say that you to MAGSR for saving me. Had you not come along, I do not know what my life would have been like and I do not want to imagine. That is all part of my past that I am trying to forget. I am now living a wonderful life in my new home and experiencing some many new things. My Daddy and I found each other at a time when we each needed the other. I never who have though in my life that someone would have needed me so much nor I needed them. What a wonderful turn of events for me, although I am still trying to understand this feeling. It has not come easy for me to accept that Mom and Dad actually loves me for who I am.   

Mommy and Daddy have been very patient and loving with me. They tell me that I take a one step forward in my progression, then I take two steps backwards. I don’t know why this happens but it does on occasion, and we all work through it together.

I have a large house to roam free in, but I prefer to stay upstairs in Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom and sitting room area. I call it my comfort zone. It has a lot of space and I call it safe haven, especially when the wind is blowing or I am hearing loud noises, I don’t like when Mommy is downstairs in the kitchen doing stuff, she makes a lot noises down there. Dad tells me that she is cooking, cleaning or running the dishwasher (whatever that means – all as I know is that those sounds bother me along with fireworks). Although I think when Dad says cooking he means that Mommy is making me my baked chicken!

I enjoy going for walks around the neighborhood (trash cans sometimes still bother me) and chasing the bunnies and squirrels in my large back yard. Although I have yet to catch one!

I have warmed up some towards Mommy and Daddy, but I am not an over affectionate one. I will occasionally sneak a quick kiss to one of them and it brings a big smile to their face. I do however love my belly rubs and will roll over and ask for a rub as one of them walk by. You can see that my personality has been coming out more and more. Mommy and Daddy sometimes tell me that I am crazy (in a kidding way), like when it is time for me to go out and I really don’t want to, I will keep rolling over on my back and asking for a belly rub or putting out my paw for a shake. I think this is pretty clever of me to gain some time to not have to go outside until I am ready even though Mommy and Daddy know it is a game we all play.

Every night at bedtime I get a treat of either frozen peanut butter in my Kong or what Mommy calls my yogi- which is frozen yogurt in a cup (and she thinks I am silly, when she calls the yogurt yogi). After my treat, I will sometimes even get up on the bed with Mom or Dad, which depends on my mood.

I have so many more stories because of all the love and happiness I have found in my home, but those are for another day. I just wanted to check in and let everyone know that I am doing well. I have good days and some not so good days, but as Mommy says that is the life of a Princess, which I am (at least in their eyes).

To my Mommy and Daddy- it is not Happy Found You Day… It is Happy We Found Each Other Day!!! 

P.S. I hope my pics come through OK as Mommy was trying out a new pic app :) 

Posted: 05/10/2020
Kayla Kayla Kayla Kayla Kayla Kayla Kayla

It's been a little over a year since Kayla (fka Kalani) came to her furever home and became part of our family! It has been a challenging year and we continue to work on some of her "bumps" (behavioral challenges) in the road but we are hopeful that we will get there and often see small improvements! Kayla got a new brother in October 2019 and he has helped her with some of the "bumps" in the road and they get along for the most part, other than an occasional brother and sister! Kayla has her most fun playing with her toys in her dog run that we had built for her! We love Miss Kayla and will continue to do everything we can to ensure she has a happy and healthy life in her furever home!

Posted: 05/10/2020

Chance is a good boy! There are numerous words to describe him, “playful” is the latest. Like the other Georgia dogs he was robbed of a “puppyhood”. He started off with tummy rubs, racing around the yard, pouncing and throwing his toys around with his tail wagging a mile a minute! It was several months before we got even a little wag!
For quite awhile “fear aggressive” was a huge problem!He would target my husband, Jakob,but be gentle and loving with me and our 19 year old grandson. He now tolerates Jakob! He is moving forward and with time patience structure topped with love will continue to do so!

Posted: 05/09/2020
Bunny Bunny

Bunny is very smart and learned so many commands very quickly. She has a lot of energy and loves to play with Clara, our first MAGSR adopted dog. She is just as cuddly as she is playful and will climb into your lap or share a nap with you on the couch. Bunny was instrumental in Clara's rehab after her bilateral knee surgery. Once released from activity restriction the running, playing, and wrestling she did with Bunny got her back in shape quickly. Though they are 6 years apart these two have bonded wonderfully. Bunny definitely found her place with our family.

Posted: 05/09/2020

Argos fka Atta adopted 2/7/2019 is living the life and loving it. He is a happy pup that now does well with visitors and children. He loves his toys but especially his frisbee and his ball.  He talks like Chewbacca and has a beautiful howl.  He loves to watch tv.  He has wonderful leash manners.  He keeps us entertained and gives us lots of love.  He is just a little bit spoiled but in a good way.

Posted: 05/08/2020
Aidah Aidah Aidah Aidah

Here is Aidah having a great time with her sisters and her new family.


Stephen W. Fish

Posted: 05/07/2020



We just completed our update survey from MAGSR as it has been one year since we adopted our GSD and we were encouraged to write an update and send pictures for Facebook.


Our family adopted Fritz in February 2019. Fritz was estimated to have been around 1 by the time he was transferred to MAGSR. He was found at the side of the road and never reclaimed. Sadly, we think Fritz escaped from a good home as he came to us fully house broken and with an understanding of most commands. We decided to adopt Fritz as he was a bundle of energy when we met him; smart and curious, yet showed a healthy amount of fear and respect for our then 12 year old cat who really runs the house! We were a little worried after Fritz was with us for more than a month doing little more than sleeping, playing ball, never barking and carefully crawling into our laps like a 10 pound lap dog as we watched TV at night. Now....a year later.....Fritz has grown into his personality and what a personality it is! He alerts, fetches, places, shakes his paw, and gives kisses. Fritz opens doors (we recommend you replace all door handles with knobs!), sweeps the perimeter of the yard, counts members of the family-seeking those who are missing (even from the forbidden master bedroom)- and has been known to fit all 3 tennis balls in his mouth when we play! He is an absolute love.

Posted: 05/02/2020
Izzy Izzy Izzy Izzy

We adopted Haddi, now Isabella or we call her Izzy. She’s very playful and sweet!

Posted: 04/29/2020
Corina (aka Cori)
Corina (aka Cori) Corina (aka Cori) Corina (aka Cori)

Here's Cori. Shes perfect in every way and she's pretty photogenic I think.

She gets plenty of exercise during the day but spends her down time on the couch. At bed time, it's still the couch unless she wants to sleep on the bed.


Posted: 04/23/2020


I wanted to send some pictures from a recent outing we had with the 3 Hurricane Florence Brothers - Finn, Max, and Cooper (AKA Quinn).  All three brothers have had multiple meetings since the owners Johana (Finn), Kerri (Max) and Annmarie (Cooper - AKA Quinn) found one another while searching for siblings for the puppies.  More siblings have been located, but this outing shows all three brothers enjoying a nice, long walk.  We are so excited that the brothers have found one another.  You can tell when they meet up their excitement and how they remember each other.  More pictures to come!!!!

Annmarie Schumacher

Posted: 04/11/2020
Milo Milo

We adopted Milo, FKA Luc in November 2019! My husband and I did a lot of research before adopting a Dutch Shepherd and Malinois mix, and we didn’t have a lot of experience with the breed, but we took the challenge head on and we LOVE this breed so much! Milo is the smartest dog we’ve ever seen. He can heel, sit, down, go around (the human), come center (between the legs), he’s learned to be gentle with taking treats, he’s becoming really good at knowing when WE need love and attention. He’s still only 8 months old and has a way to go, but he’s shown us that hard work and training can bond a tough dog and his human so strongly. My husband took a lot of time to learn about dog training and it’s totally paid off. His sister Mia (FKA Guinevere) has been so accepting of him and shows him the ropes of being a family dog and keeps him in his place haha!! We love being a dutchie/mal family because of him!!!

Posted: 03/08/2020
Forest_20200408-2 Forest_20200408-3

Forest is doing great! While we're at work she either spends her days lazily sleeping on the couch or busy making doggie friends at daycare. She's quickly learning new tricks, like high fives and spins and walking through hoops (and legs). Weekends are where all the adventures are. Forest loves car rides and is always excited wherever she ends up. Whether hiking, visiting new cities, going out to eat or just visiting friends Forest is ready to go.

Posted: 03/03/2020

A year ago today we brought our girl home, and we haven't looked back.  She has come quite along way, and still has some work to do but we have no doubt in time she will get there. She started playing with toys about a month ago. This makes us very happy!

She did great with our Christmas tree and totally ignored it. She did however, enjoy eating Christmas snow around our nativity.

Our first grandchild was born in December. Macklee takes a little bit each time she comes to get used to her, but once she does she never leaves the baby's side.

She still plays with her fur brother Diesel, and follows her Nate fur brother. She likes to crawl in our bed and snuggle, but she still sleeps in her crate. We let her crate open if we are going to be gone for only a little while, otherwise she is crated. She is all about her schedule, does not like things out of place, barks at really nothing and is happiest just being with Kevin and I. She still hasn't warmed up to anyone else in our family, but the baby.

She still loves to lay on my lap in the evening and to be pet on her terms. She's a busy girl for sure! When everyone else is here, she goes to her crate. We will continue to work with her because she is still scared. She walks around our yard and has gotten better with outside sounds. We love our girl and we are committed to giving her the best life ever! 1 year down and a lifetime to go! 

Thank you for choosing us to give our girl her forever home!